Give to simply help the lady “for the most other part of you to definitely” and you might start a romance scene

Give to simply help the lady “for the most other part of you to definitely” and you might start a romance scene

For many who pursue each other Triss and you will Yennefer in a single manage compliment of Witcher III–your informed Triss you enjoyed the woman once Now or Never ever, and you may advised Yennefer you liked the girl pursuing the Last Need–you are able to open a separate journey entitled It needs Around three so you’re able to Tango that triggers after you complete Final Plans.

It’s really worth enjoying the outcome at the very least immediately after, nevertheless permanently finishes your dating that have both Triss and Yennefer, as well as your chance to find often of their endings. You’ll be for the unclear bummer from good finale where Geralt goes on his alone lifetime since a roaming Witcher.

The remainder romanceable ladies in Witcher III is actually you to-date situations and front side quests. You can pursue one or each one of these liasons, and you can spend as frequently time as you wish throughout the brothels out of Novigrad and you will Beauclair Port, without affecting your experience of Triss otherwise Yennefer.


When you complete Google search a beneficial Witch and you can Wandering at night, you’ll get an invitation to check out Keira Metz during the this lady household, an effective hut northeast away from Midcopse. There, she gives you the fresh quest A Towerful of Rats.

Over it, and its own followup Choose to own a friend, and Keira have a tendency to invite Geralt more than for lunch. You can choose to be “relatives that have positives” which have Keira after the meal.


Look at the attacking band east out of Harviken and pick up new Metal Maiden front journey, and that means one to fight Jutta a keen Dimun. If you’ve beaten Olaf already, within the Fists of Anger supplementary journey for the Skellige, Jutta usually agree to struggle your individually.

Or even, she’ll leave you deal with a random activity so you’re able to establish you aren’t a few no body, such as beating Einar otherwise Gundar inside the Harviken inside good fistfight.

Once you secure the authority to just take Jutta towards, don’t use any of your Witcher techniques during the challenge, particularly bombs, potions, otherwise signs, otherwise you are able to fail the brand new quest immediately if you are unsporting. (You might pile the newest deck by-drinking potions to help you enthusiast your self before struggle, however; Jutta simply cares for those who drink a concoction while you’re fighting the girl.) You additionally only have one try during the doing Iron Maiden; in the event the Jutta sounds you, Metal Maiden commonly falter and she wouldn’t provide you with a rematch.

Jutta will provide for the when you get rid of their so you’re able to 25% health otherwise lower. Regardless of how your state whenever she requires your in which your read to combat; you answer the question, she will request you to see her during the the woman put immediately after dusk. Stop in from then on 8 PM, and you may she will proposal you.

Madame Sasha

Check out the see board near St. Gregory’s Connection when you look at the Novigrad to start the fresh new High Limits front side trip. To continue they, go to the newest Passiflora and you will spend 1,100 crowns to enter this new gwent tournament there.

The outcomes of your event does not matter for the reason for which journey. Just after it stops, despite whom obtained, the newest scribe declares your award money could have been stolen. Sasha, one of the other people, will provide so you’re able to form teams which have Geralt to discover the thief. Invest in assist their away.

After the latest trip, Sasha will invite Geralt to dining. For people who turn the woman off, the fresh quest comes to an end on the spot. For folks who dine together, you have the more substitute for love the woman, even though she may not be indeed there the second early morning.


The brand new love scene which have Syanna is unique to the Blood and Drink expansion getting Witcher III, that’s as part of the Complete Edition.

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