A little unwell..

My stomach has been really unwell for the past week and I don’t know what is wrong with it.
It not like gastric or anything, but I just don’t feel comfortable. Then when my stomach starts getting weird and stuff, I feel a little dizzy. I just don’t feel very well especially when I’m sitting down and it will get worse when I drink cold water.
My stomach feels weird again now and I’m a little dizzy.
But then I feel like drinking liquor. Sigh, I know I’m bad but I wanna drink.
Seriously, I’ve been in a very moody condition since Sunday and it sucks so bad.

Whatever la, fark it, I just wanna drink.
I feel like crying, wuwuwu.. :”(

A Night at Maison

Went to Maison on Thursday night.
This is the third time I go clubbing and for this time, I actually didn’t plan to go.
Jason just suddenly call me along. I’m a very good girl, you know? Haha..
Aiyo, I don’t know how to dance, so I just erm, sit there. Haha..

I did dance la, but not that much.
And I’m force to drink.. erm…. was it Dewar’s? I don’t know what is that la, but one and a half cup is enough to make me blur. Its sweet, cause its mix with Coke. Haha.. :”)

Jason, the naughty one. :P

Vernon, he craps the whole night. Haha..

I have fun that night, thanks.

UEFA Champions League

Manchester United won another title now. :”)
Sneeking out of the house to watch this football match at 2.45 morning is very worth it. Haha..
How can I not watch this big big match?
At first the match is kind of boring, then Manchester score a goal. But then again, after that Chealsea score a goal too, by Lampard.
Kick kick kick, draw. Kick kick kick again, draw.
I was so sleepy when they kick for the additional time, 30 minutes.
I go straight to my friend, Jason’s car and sleep.
But when its penalty time, I just cant help it and get out of the car to watch it.
It was damn exciting, super duper exciting.

I’m super happy that Manchester United win the trophy. :”)

Kings of Europe!!

Here In My Home

This is one of the best song I ever heard and I’m so proud that our Malaysia artistes produce this awesome song. So perfectly done and seriously, this put a smile on my face. So nice, so perfect, so calm, so unite, so peace, so everything lah. Not sure if it will touch your heart, but it definitely touch mine. :”)

Multi-artistes racial unity song & video project produced by Pete Teo and directed by Yasmin Ahmad and Ho Yuhang. A lot of local artistes in it. Nice one, hehe.

Happy : )

I’ve got nothing much to blog lately la..
Nothing is interesting in my life..
But then, I’m happy.
I’m happy that Manchester United won the Barclays Premier League. Seriously, I am very very happy last night. The joy.. : )
And then I’m happy today because I went for a movie. : )
But then again, I forget to do something, and I feel like killing myself for being so forgetful.