Apr 04

It’s me.

I know I have been neglecting my blog ever since I came to Melbourne and I’m sorry for that if you’re hoping for a post or two.
Tonight I needed this space for me to pour my heart out to my dad.
Dear blog, I do miss you. The place that never fail to let me rant whenever I want, the place that I get to upload tons of photos and the place where I archive my memories. :)

Dear Baba,

I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you with mami and the brothers tomorrow.
Haha I don’t even know why am I such a crybaby, typing the first sentence already made me cry.
In 15 years this is the second time I am missing Ching Ming and both times, I’m in Melbourne.
I really wish to join them tomorrow and be the one to wipe your picture like how I’ve done so in the previous years.
I used to write you letters every year and secretly put it in that box which was meant to burn for you.
And in each letter I never fail to share with you which guy I like at that very moment, on who he is and how I really like him. Each time things never seem to turn out right with those guys and at one point I thought to myself, maybe you don’t approve of them hence why things never seems right. So I stopped writing you letters, letters that I was suppose to write to you once every year because I don’t want you to disapprove of the guys. That was the funny way I used to think while I was young. And true enough when I stopped writing you letters my relationship lasted for 3 years.
Thinking back right now, all these are nonsense. I was so young I don’t even know what I was thinking. I miss writing you letters, why did I stop doing that?
I couldn’t write you a real letter this year as much as I want to, so I’d assume with the no-limit-credit-card and huge chunks of money we burn for you, you’ll get yourself a laptop or ipad and some unlimited data. So I’ll assume that you will read this, okay?

I’ve changed from asking why you had to leave me so early to appreciating that 12 years of memories you gave to me. I know I am so lucky to at least have 12 years of memories and love from you compared to those who do not know their father or parents at all.
They say time heals everything. Yes, time does make things better. Time does heal but I’ll say, just a tiny bit.
Just like my finger, it looks okay from the outside but a scar will forever be there. I don’t feel the intense pain anymore compared to 8 months ago but whenever I accidentally hit it, the pain is still unbearable. My finger is still very sensitive to touch just like my bruised heart.

A small part of me died when you left and I know you wouldn’t want to see me this unhappy. I know you’ll be sad seeing me cry and grief and that makes me even sadder.
I may not have done my best to things I promised you like excelling in academics but I hope you will understand that I really am not born for this. I know you always mentioned to me how important studies are and that you wish that both me and brother will study hard because you couldn’t.
Dad I took interest in something else, I now love to cook and I so hope that you’re here to taste my food and give me feedbacks. It breaks my heart because there are so many things that I wish to share with you but I couldn’t.
I wish that I can always fall into your arms whenever I feel upset over my relationship, my friendship, my hardship but fact is I can’t.

I miss you so god damn much and as I continue with my life, building more memories I am so very afraid that my memories with you will slowly fade away. This scares me to no end as memories is the only thing I have of you right now.
I hope that you will enjoy some family time with mom and brothers tomorrow. I promise the next time I visit you, I’ll cook you some food.

I don’t know why I love you so much.
Please be my father my next life, I don’t want anybody else.

From your crybaby girl.


Jul 08

The happiest day of my life!

Am I neglecting my blog or what? I’ve been dayre-ing every other day, it just seems so much easier than really sitting in front of my laptop and blogging away. Sorry for being lazy, fucking lazy I mean. Here’s a piece to share my happiness and what I’ve been doing for the pass one year. I dayre-d everything then copy and paste it here to make things easier. I also just dayre-d about #mymostvolatilerelationship created by Timothy Tiah, you can read if you’re interested. (dayre.me/peggychow)

I’ve been dreaming of writing this post. Every now and then I imagined myself typing this, imagined myself phrasing words and sentences.

“I finally got my Australia visa!!!!”

I was wondering how I should attach my certified passport copy and gave my agent a call. She said she’ll take a look and call me back. Fatty was napping so I crawled onto my bed and lay next to him. Just when I was falling asleep my phone rang and my agent gave me the best news ever! She said our visas were granted but it sounds too good to be true I doubted her. I just kept asking ‘Are you sure? Really? We now have our visas!?’

I’m sure she could tell from the other end how happy I was.

I still am. I couldn’t contain my happiness. Once I was done talking to her I teared. I was so filled with joy my tears couldn’t stop streaming down my face. Then I started sobbing and crying wtf.
I was just really too happy and contended. Way too overwhelmed.

What appears to be just a visa is a dream come true for me. It is not just a visa, but a step closer to the future that I’ve planned for myself. It is a step closer to my dream that I’ve been holding on to since three years back.
I was always very anxious in the midst of applying the visa, I was worried. There were complications and bumps while we apply but yet I try to be very positive and tell myself, it is just a matter of time.

I was so sure that I will get the visa (sometimes I wasn’t that sure, I just kept conflicting myself), I started pinning everything Melbourne related into my Pinterest.
What meal to cook for Fatty, alternatives to healthier food, storage ideas, interior ideas, first aid kit (wtf) and so on.

Fatty was worried. Seeing me being so engrossed, he knew how upset I will be if there won’t be any visa for me. He never encourages me whenever I talk about Melbourne, he just wanted me to think straight. Of course I couldn’t.

He often asked, ‘What’s your plan B?’ Which was also the question I hated the most, I try to dodge whenever I could. I was so determined in getting the visa, I do not have a plan B. Plan B makes me sad and I was applying the law of attraction.

Why think of plan B when I can get my plan A going? I just try to be really positive.

I knew actually I needed a plan B because if I don’t get the visa and I live on without a plan B, my life is screwed. I was working in a pub, as a PR. The first day I started working which was April last year, I already had a plan. I will only work for a year plus while I wait for time to pass to apply for my visa. Meanwhile, I needed to save a chunk of money to bring over because I wouldn’t get a job so fast

Looking at the currency difference, there’s no way I could survive if I don’t save a lot. Using Fatty’s money isn’t one of the option, I don’t want to depend on him in that kind of way. My plan was to just work in a pub, earn as much as I could, wait for the time to pass and apply my visa.

9 to 5 job isn’t an option as the pay was really low. I also hate the part where I have to give two months notice to resign. I just really don’t see the point working in an office.

So despite all the judgment I still brave on and work as a PR, that job that most people detest.

But what people didn’t know was that I hate working as a PR in a pub even more.
Then again, I needed that money.
I just really really needed that money to survive in Melbourne when I couldn’t land a job just yet.

People laughed at me, mocked me, judged me, and questioned me for the nature of my job but there’s this one person who trusted me all along. My fatty.

I thank God for having a very understanding Fatty who were there for me and trusted me despite my job. Either he knows me so well that he trusted me or that he was extremely confident of himself haha.

I probably am the worst PR in Malaysia. What I did at work was just to serve my customers like how a waitress would, then I’ll chit chat and play lying dice or whatever with them. I just entertain them by chit chatting and when I wasn’t in the mood, I tend to be seen as boring. I really don’t care

I don’t drink no matter what the customer said or do. There’s only once when I drank a small glass of beer because the customer attach a Rm50 note with it.
There’s no touching involve because most of the time I wouldn’t stand too close to these men.

As a female you can actually tell which guy will act funny and I will stay away from them. I don’t even allow people to put their hand on my shoulder, I’ll walk away and never go back to that table.

I just wanted the money to survive and whatnot, I didn’t plan on selling my body or whatever.
I see a lot of girls who’s willing to let these guys hug, some kiss even and I can’t in a million years do that to myself. That one customer I’ve always wanted to hug was Fatty haha.

I’ll give excuses like having period when I was forced to drink and jerks will say ‘you’ll feel better after you drink’ and I’ll get mad every time. I’ll say why not you be a lady next life and suffer the agony?

Told you I’m the worst PR. But I do meet nice customers too, who only chit chats with me. Who sometimes offer me jobs and advised me not to work at a place like such because obviously this just doesn’t suit me at all. I do learn things from eavesdropping at their conversations some times lol.

And the best part? Was that my mom fetches me to work and back. I am super safe and people that matters trusted me so much. Why even bother at what other people think?

There are times when I wanted to gave up badly. I was so sick of the place, the job and the people but I pushed myself. I hated the second hand smoke which at some point I will throw tantrum. Sometimes I feel like crying when people bully me at work.

But I preserver in order to chase my dream. No giving up.

Guess what? Everything is so worth it in the end!

God works in a very mysterious way. For the past years I’ve been trying hard to apply for a work and holiday visa and I failed each time no matter how hard I prayed at the temple. I finally knew why.

I wouldn’t make use of the visa even if I was granted one at that time because Fatty was banned. It just wasn’t the time and God knows best!!

I made a promise to my God that if I were to be granted a visa, I will not eat meat on every 1st and 15th of the month (Chinese calendar).

God is amazing like that to know when’s the best time to hand us things we wanted and he thinks we deserve.

It’s not easy for me to stay away from meat as I’m a carnivore but I will stick to my promise. It’s good to know that I can actually spare them poor animals two times a month.
Right now I couldn’t be happier. I wasn’t bless with the chance to study abroad and I don’t have the chance to experience that kind of life but now I am blessed with the chance to work abroad, I am more than happy. That one person that made it all happen for me is Fatty and I am truly thankful for the experience I’m about to have. I am so thankful for the chance that my dad wanted to gave me but couldn’t. He must be very happy for me too, I know.

There’s no any better way. I insisted on chasing my dreams and insisted on doing things my way and now I have it my way.

Thank you my friends who told me that I’ll sure get the visa every time I showed my worries. Thank you Fatty!! Thank you dad! Thank you mom! Thank you God!! Just very very thankful you have no idea!!

I can now go on Pinterest and pin all Melbourne related stuff without being too awkward. So excited!!! :D

At the same time I started appreciating my home a little bit more. Appreciating every corner of my house, I’m sure I’ll miss it. Been staying here for 23 years.

I’ll also miss le mom and le bro a lot. And a lot of my friends.
So conflicted, so happy to leave yet so sad to leave.

Anyway, let me repeat this again.



May 20

25’s A Man

That boy man half boy half man who’s younger than me by half a year is finally 25.
By right you turn adult when you’re 21 but 21 to me is when you start being reckless and enjoy life to the fullest.
25 to me is when you start taking things more seriously, start planning for a future and to really start being a true adult.
But of course this might not apply to everyone. No big gatherings with friends or whatsoever for Fatty this year because he didn’t want to. (Not sire if he really didn’t want to or he said he didn’t want to just so I could give him a surprise like every other year.)

We initially decided on Cilantro for his birthday dinner but it was fully booked on a Saturday night so Lafite it was.
I was actually really looking forward to try Cilantro, guess I’ll have to continue waiting. Lunch seems like a good idea! :B

#1 Lafite is in Shangri-La, so I figured it’s only right when I dress up.

I don’t really have much chance to dress up cause I don’t like the idea of overdressing. I mean I do dress decent but not the overly kua cheong type unless I go to clubs. I also actually damn like to wear maxi but I normally just wouldn’t, so dining inside a hotel was a great chance for me to just really dress up for a day. ;)

#2 Le fat birthday boy and me.

#3 That bread roll there was gooooood! I don’t normally like complimentary bread cause they don’t surprise me but this was really good. Butter, not so much which was a waste.

#4 Amuse bouche that didn’t amuse me at all. It taste good but boring.

#5 Hi. Seats at Lafite were very comfy.

#6 I just browsed through pictures from years back and realised how much Fatty has age. When you work all day everyday especially under the hot sun, you’re bound to age fast.

I don’t mind him aging though, so that I can look younger. /smirk

Fatty ordered a six courses degustation menu (RM330) and I ordered appetizers from ala-carte.

#7 Thin Slices of Marinated Scallops, Cauliflower Jelly, Salmon Roe Cream and Lemon’s Pearl. Scallops tasted very fresh and juicy, when accompanied with cauliflower jelly and salmon roe cream this dish opened up my appetite. A very summer sort of appertiser.

#8 Pan-fried Duck Liver, Roasted Apple, Berries and Honey Sauce. Wish they could have fried the duck liver a little longer, the liver lacked some crispness. I’ve tried duck liver with apple so it wasn’t much of a surprise either.

#9 Seabass and Oyster Tartar with Aquitaine’s Caviar, Tomato Vinaigrette and Beetroot Coulis (RM70). Oh I love this! I cant take too much oyster at one go or my tummy will start acting up but when mix with a portion of seabass, this is wonderful.

#10 Porcini Soup with Pan-fried Maine Lobster, Garlic Cream and Parsley Coulis.

#11 Cauliflower Cream Soup with Maine Lobster and Egg Surprise (RM35). The texture surrounding the egg yolk was very foamy and light but the soup to me was a little too heavy. Way too much cream I had a hard time finishing everything.

#12 For Rm35, this is worth it especially with lobster in it. By the time you’re done polishing this dish you’ll be mad full or mad jelat.

#13 Crayfish Spaghetti Timbale, Shell and Cognac Juice, Avruga Caviar (RM45). There’s a similarity in taste when compared to my cauliflower cream soup but this is a lot lighter. I could have find this dish very appealing but because I was already very full from the cream soup, I had a hard time eating.

The waitress also did not recommend or inform me that the two dishes I ordered are quite similar in taste which was a let down. I expect a little better service from a restaurant in a hotel.

#14 Wagyu Beef Tournedos, Sautéed Fresh Artichoke, Pommes Dauphine and Rossini Sauce. This, OMG THIS IS THE WORST WAGYU I HAVE EVER TASTED! Not like I ate a lot of wagyu before but I was so taken aback that wagyu beef could actually taste this bad. No melt-in-my-mouth or whatsoever, no crispness, and actually tasted very bad. You know that bad pork smell? Ya this has got some bad beef smell I don’t know why!

If you plan on ordering ala-carte, this is charge at Rm170 per plate and if I ordered a plate of this I will throw it back into the chef’s face wtf. Rm170 you give me this piece of shit! Come I bring him to Maria’s steakhouse for wagyu beef and then he compare his restaurant with people’s neighbourhood steakhouse wtf.

#15 Mimolette Cheese and Truffle Millefeuille. I very jelat already then they served us some very geng cheese I want to pengsan! Right there and then I realised I am very cina, I cant do this everyday no matter how good the food is. JELAT you know!? Gibbme two bowl of rice please.

#16 Lagi-lagi want to give complimentary pastry and chocolate.

Actually this is Fatty’s fault! I always want to order less and he always wants me to order more, so I always end up ordering more than what I wanted. And then eat die me wtf. T_______T

#17 Since there’s no cake for him from me, I asked the waitress to help me add a candle. She even sang him a birthday song haha.

Bill came up to Rm600++ including his glass of wine. Lafite isn’t as good as what I expected them to be.


#19 I look so short here fml. Do you know that the average height for Malaysian female is actually 153cm? Which means my height is average, not short. How awesome hahahaha!

#20 Fatty’s birthday present from me. No wrapping paper, no ribbons, just a very manly screwdriver for him to open up his man crate.

I was inspired by Man Crates.

We say ‘no’ to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. We don’t save wrapping paper, we don’t do ribbons.

We ship bragworthy gifts for guys. Gifts that you can’t wait to arrive because you know the recipient will love opening them.

Gifts that people gather round at the office, people following the sounds of wood being torn from wood by the included, laser-engraved crowbar.

We are Man Crates, and we deliver awesome gifts for men.

I actually plan on ordering a man crate for Fatty until I found out that they don’t ship to Malaysia. To be exact they only ship to USA and Canada. I actually much prefer doing it myself anyway cause it wont cost as much and I get to personalised the gifts so why not. It did took me awhile to get it all done, from walking out to hardware shop for pieces of wood to spraying letters under the hot sun.

#21 The crate itself was given to me by my friend’s sister but the crate isn’t fully cover with wood so I had to buy some wood plank and hammer some nails.

#22 I’m not sure if Fatty will like everything in the crate but I tried my best. He definitely loves the Armani miniature perfume though. There’s cracker and pate, beers, beef jerky, chai latter, clam bisque, Nat Geo’s magazine, and a few snacks for him when he’s hungry.

#23 And then a birthday note for him teehee.

I wish Man Crates will one day deliver to our country cause their crates are all very awesome. Each time I look at their crates I have the urge to buy it.
25 years old is the time to start acting like a man. Buck up Fatty! :)

Phone: (60 3) 2074 3900

Email: restaurantreservations.slkl@shangri-la.com

Location: Lobby Level

Operating Hours
Lunch: 12noon – 2.30pm (Monday to Friday)
Dinner: 7pm – 10.30pm (Monday to Saturday)
Closed on Sundays and public holidays


May 05

Of Friends and Barbecue

It was one of the best day I spent with friends after a very long time!
All of us wanted a getaway but couldn’t seem to secure a place and date (up till today), so we settled for a mini get together at Verve Suites.

#1 Ee, Yan, and I had our brunch at Publika’s Redbeanbag before shopping for remaining groceries at Ben’s grocer.

We then went off to KL Sentral to pick our stewardess Foon back to Verve and started preparing whatever that was needed to for our barbecue at night.

#2 Then it was time to relax…

#3 The weather was pretty gloomy that day so I refrained myself from jumping into the sea pool.

#4 Man-made rooftop beach pool.


#6 It was quite chillax lah, I could have do it all day but we were running out of time.

#7 Dear Yan… (hahahah! inside joke)

#8 Hola! :D

#9 Jacuzzi which was barely hot.

It started raining when friends started to arrive and barbecuing under the rain was out of the picture.
And then it rained heavier, then it stopped, then it rained again wtf.

#10 We were all too hungry so we decided to not care and barbecue while it was drizzling. Thank God the drizzle stop not long after but we were all mad cold.

#11 Our chicken wing guy hahaha! Such a nice guy he barbecued most of the food for us.

#12 Sting ray in assam sauce.

The food turned out great! Marinades I found on the internet was superb. There are so many different types of marinades and recipes, sometimes it is hard to decide on which one I should use. Normally I will go through the ingredients and try to imagine the taste and the way to almost never go wrong is to pick recipes that have high ratings. Take time to read reviews, that’s what I always do.

#13 The girls.

We ate and ate and ate while we shivered and when we were all full, we went down for indoor jacuzzi. The indoor jacuzzi was a lot hotter than the outdoor ones.

#14 So happy and relaxing.


#16 I was actually looking for my bread when we were barbecuing because I was dead sure I brought it with me but turned out the bread was in the house. Hahahah Alzheimer much! So I bake them garlic bread so that it wont go to waste. Prepared the garlic butter before hand, I very much prefer preparing it myself than buy ready made garlic butter from supermarket.



#19 Zoe trying to take a picture with the guys behind haha.

#20 Happy picture! :)

Had another barbecue not too long after at Billy’s farm at Port Dickson. This time I prepared nothing other than my empty tummy, haha.

#21 Old school way of barbecuing.

#22 Fatty and I with Seok Yee. :)

#23 Even Fatty has flawless skin! Picture taken with Yi Ying’s TR. :O

#24 I had Somersby while the others drank Carlsberg and half way through I started to get tipsy. Just half a bottle of Somersby and I was tipsy wtf.

#25 That Casio camera damn cheat haha! I want one too!


#27 Played card games before ending the night.

I need more nights like these, just gather and have fun.


Apr 20

Osaka/Kyoto 2014 : Day 3

There’s something about small lanes in Japan. Their lanes look lovely, often brighten up by pots and pots of flowers and colorful bicycles. It really makes you want to stop walking for a while and embrace the moment, admiring back lanes that are so different back home.

#1 Aren’t they lovely?

It was a rainy day on our third day stay and it created quite a fair bit of trouble for us.
Wet shoes in a very cold weather, we couldn’t explore much and we have to forego visiting Osaka castle.
Not visiting Osaka castle equals to not visiting Eiffel tower at Paris, more or less.

For our first meal, we went to Osaka Central Wholesale Fish Market for Endo Sushi.
Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market is very well known but if you’re at Osaka and not Tokyo, Osaka fish market is a really good alternative.
You can wake up at 4am, head over to Osaka fish market and witness the all time famous fish auctions but if you’re not willing to sacrifice few hours of sleep it is still worth a visit. Or multiple visits.

#2 While waiting in line to try out really fresh sushi.

Do expect a 15 to 20 minutes walk from train station to Osaka fish market.
To avoid waiting in line, do go before lunch time or after.
Endo sushi’s menu consists of 4 to 5 sets of sushi and for each set, there are five pieces of sushi available.
Each set of sushi costs 1050 yen which is fairly reasonable considering how good the sushi is.


#4 Le mom and le aunt having some serious talk?

#5 The sushi were very fresh and tasty, we enjoyed it a lot!! It was the best sushi I ever had in my entire life so far!! Fresh, juicy, sweet, all in one!

After enjoying our sushi, we continued eating elsewhere.
We were just really random the entire trip, mainly because I find it really hard for me to read their address and navigate.

#6 Beef innards.


#8 We then moved on to Sennichimae Doguyasuji which mainly sells kitchen related products for the aunties to shop around.

#9 And continued eating again after that.

My aunt did not really enjoy the eating part mainly because she’s not used to Japanese food and as for us, we ate like there’s no tomorrow haha.

#10 My mom insisted that she wanted to eat puffer fish sashimi or Fugu sashimi as the Japs called it but it wasn’t her first time. I guess she just really wanted us to try. Thank God I’m alive by the way because puffer fish if not prepare right has the ability to cause death with it’s tetrodotoxin poison.

#11 One of the must eat in Osaka besides takoyaki and okonomiyaki is kushikatsu. I wanted to buy this man home (in a keychain form) but it was too expensive! T_T

#12 Kushikatsu is actually fried food in sticks (very different from tempura) and you eat them by dipping into a sauce that’s provided on every table. The rule is to only dip into the sauce once.

#13 It’s a great snack for light eating, fried to perfection and the sauce tasted salty with a tinge of sweet and sourness in it.

#14 Too-funny-to-be-ignored-statue. It was raining the whole day so I was really tempted to buy their plastic see through umbrella but I figured it’ll be too much of a hassle for me to bring back home. Rain eventually stopped too and what happened next was a lot of Japanese just leave their umbrella on benches everywhere on the street.

So what I did was to pick up a free umbrella and brought it home. HAHAHA CHEAPSKATE SIAL!
Sometimes I cannot believe what a cheapskate I am but a thrifty lady makes a good housewife you see.


#16 Three of us; petite, skinny, and short but eat like monsters wtf.

I once ate a bowl of beef noodle and then ordered another plate of chicken rice from the stall beside and finished everything by myself. If it weren’t for the genes from my parents, I would’ve become a freaking giant by now. Sometimes I scare myself wtf.

#17 At about nine, we met up with Ian and his wife and they brought us to a hot spring near our accommodation. Vending machine for towels and other necessities.

#18 Took this picture when the place was closing.

The sections were separated between female and male and all guests are require to strip of naked before going into the designated area.
I know these are very common in Japan but it was a very embarrassing moment for me!
I really don’t go naked in front of anyone and I believe most people don’t just go naked randomly either so it was quite nerve-wrecking for me. I can only go naked in front of one person WTF hahahaha!

It became even more embarrassing when I have to be naked in front of my mom and vice versa seeing her naked.
Thank God I’m a petite so I can actually block whatever that is needed to be block with the face towel I purchased.

You can choose to stay indoor or dip yourself at their outdoor hot spring and I find it quite enjoying to do it in the outdoor area when the temperature was really cold.

#19 That’s how you’re suppose to shower after all the dipping, sitting on a small stool.

Although embarrassing at first but it turned out to be really relaxing and a place like such in Japan is a must go!

#20 Ended my night with a bottle of milk before packing up my luggage.

#21 If you’re a person who couldn’t stand cold like me, heat pack is a must to cold places! For few ringgits a pack, it’ll keep you warm for about 12 hours and I’d say I was glad I bought those. One is for you to keep your hands warm, just place it in your pockets and another is for you to stick on your chest or wherever. You can buy these heat pack here from travel stores.

#22 Alas, Tokyo Banana given by our host to us as a gift. How sweet. The flowers on banana looks very appealing and cute but I don’t know how it tastes like cause I gave mine to Fatty. I don’t eat banana. :)

This is the end of my very short but delicious Japan trip. Japan is such a nice place I’m sure when I get the chance to explore it with Fatty, we’ll have the time of our life.

Another city marked off my world map, life has never been better in my travel chapter.
And it’s just gonna get better and better. :)


Apr 08

Osaka/Kyoto 2014 : Day 2

On our second day, Japan decided to be a little more generous and gave us the heat we wanted to keep ourselves warm. It was really sunny. We went over to Kyoto which is just an hour away from Osaka. Initially Nara was in our itinerary too but we were running out of time so I have to save Nara for the next time.

#1 But first, let me take a selfie. HAHAHA stupid song.


#3 We were all really hungry when we arrived Arashiyama, so we randomly went into the first restaurant we chanced upon.


Arashiyama (嵐山 Storm Mountain?) is a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. It also refers to the mountain across the Ōi River, which forms a backdrop to the district.

#5 This is Togetsukyo Bridge in Arashiyama which is a well known landmark.

#6 Bought green tea ice-cream from a stall nearby and it was really good! Knowing that it’s a sunny day, I had the chance to wear my skirt instead of pants. Beige trench coat from Zara Kids, for only RM79.90!! So worth it I want to cry LOL!

#7 Was really excited when I spotted geisha so I went over and asked for pictures. Or maybe they’re maiko, I cant differentiate.

#8 Super HUGE daikon or white radish as we call it. Mom said it was really heavy!

We spend quite sometime exploring the souvenir and snack shops around Arashiyama.

#9 Couldn’t spot any Sakura as we were two to three weeks earlier but Plum blossoms were everywhere.


#11 What a pretty sight to behold! To be honest I do not know how to differentiate Sakura and Plum blossom, why do they look so alike to me?

#12 Wish I could see the real Sakura though since they only appear for such a limited time.

Tenyru-ji is a major temple of the Rinzai School. It was built in 1339 on the former site of Emperor Go-Daigo’s villa after a priest dreamt of a dragon rising from the nearby river.

The main attraction of Tenryu-ji Temple is the Zen garden dating back to the 14th century. A triumph of design, the garden features a large pond which catches the reflection of the maple trees and large rough-cut rocks on the periphery. It also makes use of “borrowed scenery” from the nearby hills of Arashiyama, which appear to be the next tier of the garden.

#13 Mom and I at Tenryu-ji temple, one of my favourite picture with her thus far. :)


#15 Followed the path along Tenryu-ji Temple and it will lead you to Sagano bamboo forest, one of the very famous attraction at Arashiyama.

#16 Le bro and I. Walking along and between stretches of bamboo trees was very calming, soothing and relaxing.
But because time was our biggest issue, we couldn’t stay for long.


#18 I just kept saying, ‘Japan is really very Japan indeed’ lol. You know how sometimes you eat a piece of chicken and then you’ll say, ‘This chicken taste very chicken’. Okay, maybe it’s just me haha.

#19 The weather started getting warm so we all get to take off our outerwear for awhile. :)

My yellow knitwear is from Zara Kids too, for Rm39.90! :D

#20 Look at that sun ray, we were all very happy because it was very cold the day before.

After leaving Arashiyama, we went over to Higashiyama district. It was quite a long walk from the nearest train station, for about 20 minutes or more maybe.

#21 Randomly walked into a praying shrine after I spotted some really colorful hanging pouches.

#22 I mimicked the Japanese and prayed, not sure if I did it correctly though.

We walked uphill along Higashiyama district, entering and exiting shops while heading towards Kiyomizudera Temple.


Kiyomizudera (清水寺, literally “Pure Water Temple”) is one of the most celebrated temples of Japan. It was founded in 780 on the site of the Otowa Waterfall in the wooded hills east of Kyoto, and derives its name from the fall’s pure waters. Kiyomizudera is best known for its wooden stage that juts out from its main hall, 13 meters above the hillside below.

#24 I wanted to write my wishes on a piece of wooden plate and hang it but I was too stingy to do so because it will make me go 700yen poorer. I think it was 700yen.

#25 And then I prayed again wtf. (Let me eat all the sashimi in Japan lol).

#26 From above.

#27 I was actually looking forward to drink their holy water too but the queue was too long I cant be arse. There will always be a next time I told myself.

#28 From below, the famous wooden stage of Kiyomizudera Temple.

By the time we were done with Higashiyama, evening started to set in and because my mom and my aunt were too tired we forego Nara.
I was actually very looking forward to hanging out with lotsa deer but since Fatty too has not been to Nara we can go visit together in the future. :)

#29 Randomly went into an Udon shop, I tell you it’s very Japan one.

#30 Don’t remember how much this bowl of Udon cost but it is really cheap and really good too! So cheap we were shocked. Love lah, warm hearty bowl of Udon. Slurp.

#31 In a convenient store before heading back to Zebra House.

Sometimes I still couldn’t believe that I’ve been to Japan and back.
I used to hate Japan so much that this country has never been in my ‘country to visit’ list.
And I hated Japan so much because of the way Japanese used to torture innocent people during war.
What was I thinking? Such an extreme person LOL.