1.36 am

shit. i cant fall asleep!
and i’ve got presentation at 8 tomorrow.
the same thing happened last week, cant fall asleep a day before presentation.

stupid me. shouldn’t have drank coffee at oldtown just now. :\
i look so terrible these days, pretty much like a zombie.
i hate it when i roll on my bed for hours, it gets so annoying seriously.

anyway, i’m here just to rant.
what to do? i couldn’t fall asleep.
i appear to be really emotional these days.

stress from deadlines.
stress from friendships.
and maybe something more than friendships.

i’ve been like this since years ago.
i care about a lot of things. i care a lot.
and when friends i care about is unhappy cause of me, i get really unhappy too.
it affects me, a whole lot.
i’m overly sensitive. which is why i always seem to be unhappy.

things are slightly out of control now.
but you know, i don’t wanna appear to be emotional.
i’ll control myself. i care, i still do.
but if both are equally upset, it wont help either.

i’ll just try my best not to be affected, i guess that’s all i can really do.
i’ll control whatever i can.

to be frank i’ve becoming less emotional, except recently. :\
and nowadays i can always pick myself up again after a good cry. after one or two hours.
cry doesn’t mean i’m not okay. cry doesn’t mean i’m weak.
i cry but i’m still fine. (:

my finals are coming.
i hope i can keep it under control, at least for the time being.
till my sem ends.

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