100th Birthday

Went back to hometown to celebrate great grandfather’s 100th birthday. Incredible, isn’t it? He couldn’t really hear what people say anymore but he can still stand kinda straight. Back at hometown early and I was hungry, so I ride bicycle and buy breads. :) I didn’t ride bicycle for ages and this one is quite a ‘high’ bicycle for me.

That’s me looking funny on a bicycle. :)

He get all dress up, looking oh-so-cute with that cap on his head. (Look at the way he sits.. ) My brother is a noob, such a blur picture.

He is good to go.. xD Damn cute!

Dinner time..
My mom’s mom’s father aka great grandfather.

My grandma, grandfather, great grandfather, mom, me, and brother.

The very cute ‘sau pauz’, and the middle one is kosong.. -.-

My great grandfather is in a blur condition but I’m happy to celebrate his 100th birthday. Its such a happy thing. May him have a long life..

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