1st Day Without Him

Woah, without him in my life is really crazy. The night when he is still on the plane makes me so sad, couldn’t call him, couldn’t do anything. First night was definitely hard for me to fall asleep. I remember in the letter he gave me, he said pray whenever I’m sad or something. So, I just pray and I fall asleep. He called me when he reach with his new number and once I heard his voice, I cry. :'( I know I’m such a cry baby. We webcam just now and I’m feeling much better. I just want to hear his voice and look at his face. I’m missing him so so much.


  1. Amelia.wahwah November 15, 2007

    awww….*hugs* peggy..

    if u r very bored then find us la… ^^ ..

  2. Passerby November 16, 2007

    I came across your blog while surfing the net. Your bf was a lucky guy to have you and all his friends. For me i still remember the time i leave Australia to study no one heck care about me. Only my mom send me to the airport and my dad don’t even came. There are none of my sibling came send me too and not even one of my friend came. But after years i find that Australia friends are even better than those in Malaysia they would mind to send me to airport whenever i went back to Malaysia and give me a warm hug before i leave. So mate get along your life and be happy. All the best to you.

  3. Susan November 16, 2007

    Hope you feel better soon =(…

  4. vvens November 16, 2007

    well, i’ve went through all this and i can tell you, this is only the begining. you need to go on without him beside you. everything is still the same actually. we need to be optimistic. its only your first day. but i’m encountering this for almost a year.

    stay happy.

  5. Peggy November 16, 2007

    Amelia: Thanks.. I will find you all if I’m free.. :)

    Passerby: Aww, I’m so sorry. Hope you get better.

    Susan: Thanks a lot. :)

    Vvens: Its weird not having him beside me but I’m much better already. Thanks a lot.

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