2 Years of Love :)

Taking a break from posting my Singapore trip because I want to do a little shout out.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Fatty!! :)

I actually typed a long ass post weeks back but right this moment I didn’t want anything too formal.
These 2 years with Fatty has been a great journey for me and I especially like travelling to places with him.
It’s a blessing to have a travel partner who sees things the way you see it, who have same interests as you are.

I often wonder, did God figured that it was time to end my search two years back or was it fate?
Was it because of the chances we both created, was it because we were meant to be or was it because this is just another chapter in our lives which will eventually pass us by?

For whatever reason, I still truly appreciate having him by my side.
Those birthday cards he made me, the roses and gifts he surprised me were not the best thing he did.
The best thing to me was when he holds my hand in his sleep, when he kissed my forehead while I was fast asleep, and when he turned around and hugged me in the middle of his sleep.
I’m a sucker for those gestures because I believe if a guy doesn’t love you, he wouldn’t have do that.

At your worst(HAHA) or at your best, I promise to love you the same. :)

And here’s a song that I’ve been wanting to dedicate to Fatty all the while.
Listening to this song gives me courage. :)

终于做了这个决定 Zhong yu zuo le zhe ge jue ding
别人怎么说我不理 Bie ren zen me shuo wo bu li
只要你也一样的肯定 Zhi yao ni ye yi yang de ken ding
我愿意天涯海角都随你去 Wo yuan yi tian ya hai jiao dou sui ni yuan qu
我知道一切不容易 Wo zhi dao yi qie bu rong yi
我的心一直温习说服自己 Wo de xin yi zhi wen xi shuo fu zi ji
最怕你忽然说要放弃 Zui pa ni hu ran shuo yao fang qi

爱真的需要勇气 Ai zhen de xu yao yong qi
来面对流言蜚语 Lai mian dui liu yan fei yu
只要你一个眼神肯定 Zhi yao ni yi ge yan shen ken ding
我的爱就有意义 Wo de ai jiu you yi yi
我们都需要勇气 Wo men dou xu yao yong qi
去相信会在一起 Qu xiang xin hui zai yi qi
人潮拥挤我能感觉你 Ren chao yong ji wo neng gan jue ni
放在我手心里 你的真心 Fang zai wo shou xin li Ni de zhen xin

如果我的坚强任性 Ru guo wo de jian qiang ren xing
会不小心伤害了你 Hui bu xiao xin shang hai le ni
你能不能温柔提醒 Ni neng bu neng wen rou ti xing
我虽然心太急 Wo sui ran xin tai ji
更害怕错过你 Geng hai pa cuo guo ni

And the best words that came from him – ‘I love you a lot’. :)
Now I better hurry up and get ready for my date. :) :) :)

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