2012 Recap.

This year has been a year so full with experiences and memories.
I started my new year being drunk, how ironic.

This year, I went to Sin Sze Si Ya Temple to sip tai sui but I felt like it didn’t quite work.
This year, I went to No Black Tie with Fatty on Valentines Day and had an amazing night listening to Rozz sang.
This year, I went to Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya with Fatty and my little cousin. I had fun playing with them although I didn’t get to see any hot air balloon.
This year, I saw something I didn’t like.
This year, I went to Sekeping Serendah and Sekeping Tenggiri for a short getaway.
This year, I booked and celebrated Fatty’s birthday at Grand Lexis Port Dickson. And I made him a watermelon birthday cake.
This year, I successfully created two businesses with my best friend and boyfriend.
This year, I joined seven bazaars and realized what a lazy ass my boyfriend can be.
This year, I went to 3 countries, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore (while Fat ass went to 6! PFFT!).
This year, I learned about Cambodia’s war and Pal Pot. This year, I went to Angkor Wat and I learned so much.
This year, I traveled the most. 3 countries, 8 getaways all together and slept in 12 different hotels.
This year, I gained a lot of different experiences from travelling which I cant explain. Exploring places is one of the best thing ever!
This year I partied so hard I went for 6 raves. Flew all the way to Bangkok and drove all the way up to Singapore just for rave.
This year I tried out a lot of good food and I thank god for giving me Fatty because I can’t stand boys who say no to trying out food.
This year I was admitted into the hospital for 3 nights, got 6 big ass ‘injection’, did an X-ray and CT scan, tested my blood twice and I am glad I am all well now.
This year I still do not know how to drive.
This year I still couldn’t drink to save my life.
This year I am still holding on to the promise I promised myself, don’t ever try to smoke.
This year I have successfully stayed away from drugs. Ok don’t get me wrong, not only this year but for the past 24 years.
This year I get to see quite a few of tvb stars and touched some of their hands.
This year I received the sweetest birthday gift that can’t be bought by money from fatty.
This year I lost my dog due to a reason I am not ready to mention. I haven’t felt that heartbroken for a long time.
This year is the twelfth year I lost my dad and I miss him more than ever.
This year I got my fifth tattoo that’s says ‘never a failure, always a lesson’ -Rihanna.
This year I had quite a few dramas over people I can’t seem to tolerate but I realize at the end of the day, the only person worth giving a damn is that one guy by my side who loves me just as much as the first day.
This year my boyfriend grew fatter. :(
This year I didn’t grow taller. :(
This year my BFF sampat went and dyed her hair white.
This year none of my friends got married yet.
This year I finally learned how to stick on fake eyelashes, at the age of 24 lol.
This year I am still blogging.

This year has been one awesome year. :)

Next year? I just want to live.

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