VIVO – American Pizza & Panini

I went to have my dinner at The Curve today.
They have so many choices there, until we don’t know what to have for dinner.
Okay wait, before I talk about the food, I wanna talk about car park.
We park at Cineleisure and I saw this very funny parking lot.
Okay, well, maybe you have seen it before and think that I am very ‘sam pat‘.
But please, let me talk about it, I think it is funny and cute.

Okay, I let the picture to do the talking..
How come? Why is it they have parking lots for female single driver only?
Anyone care to explain it to me?

And then as I walk, I saw this yummy hot cake..
Argh, irresistible!

Okay okay, I’ll go to the foods now.
The place we have our dinner is at Vivo.
The food there are delicious, yet very affordable.
In my opinion, it is quite worth it.

My friend order a set meal, but I forgotten what it is. Cost around Rm10+..

The Set Meal
Soup (I forget what soup is this)

Garlic Bread.. Very crunchy, better than Pizza Hut’s.

Ham & Mushroom Baked Rice.
Turkey ham & fresh mushroom slice spread over a bed of butter rice, covered with creamy tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese.

Add on Cake of The Day for Rm 4.90

– Rm 14.80
A blend of fresh mushrooms and turkey ham cooked with heavy cream & parmesan cheese. Love the cheeseeee in this pasta. The cheese taste so nice and heavy..

Creamy Mushroom – Rm 8.90
Fresh shitake mushrooms slow fried with butter & garlic finish with home-style creamy tomato sauce. Okay, this is nice. I love the garlic. Very creamy.

Lamb with Rice.. Rm 12.90. Not very nice I say.
Not tasty enough.

Pizza – Meaty Monster – Rm 17.90 (10″ Thin Crust)
100% meat! Chicken bologna, turkey ham, pepperoni & sausages.
The pizza is not bad, but I found that there is another place which serves better pizza.
Don’t wanna tell you guys first. Hehe..

Okay, I’m tired already.. Thats all for today.. Will continue tomorrow..
Good night!

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