2nd and 3rd at Melbourne.

I find the need to force myself to blog or else all the pictures will pile up and I’ll get even more lazier.
Good news, Ben found a new place to stay like finally. It’ll be so much easier because I can unpack my clothes and whatnot so that it wont be so messy.
And also it’s easier for me to cook :D

*forced to take picture with my kermit, stuffed into his pocket.

*that thingy behind Ben, it’s some obstacle game where we go in and pass through all the obstacle. I don’t know how to explain but it’s fun AND expensive. 5 dollar per person that’s like what, Rm15!!!

Almost everything in Melbourne is expensive. You know those white bread like Gardenia, the longer ones they sell it for like 3 dollar plus here and that’s like…. almost Rm10.
I almost fainted. Like whatthehell, it’s just white bread man.
And each meal cost like 10 dollar per person, I rather cook.
Ben’s like, let’s go eat this, let’s go eat that and I’m like… er, don’t want larh so expensive. don’t want don’t want don’t want.

* Melbourne is interesting.

* and windy.

The first meal I cooked is prawn wanton, recipe from my aunt.

*It’ll be much better if the wanton skin isn’t that thick. And the mee we bought sucks, should just have wanton alone.

* garlic cheese baguette for breakfast and tomato egg drop soup, choy sam, and garlic shrimp for dinner.

How’s my cooking!? Looks good enough? haha.
I’m kind of addicted to cooking because it’s cheap and also it gives that bit of satisfaction when my food is edible.
Maybe it’s just the first few days, let’s see if I’ll get bored of it haha.

Ben forced me to go supper with him.

* at Stalactites, Lonsdale Street.

* he said it’s greek food and yes it taste bombastic, chicken and lamb with pita bread and different kind of sauce.

But I was about to die when he paid the bill, 40 dollar wtf!
This stupid (okay, it’s not stupid but still….) supper cost Rm120!!
I can eat like ten meals in Malaysia my goodness sake. It’s crazy.
I just cant help but said to him, please don’t bring me out for food. Please don’t eat out. We can cook, zzzzz.
I don’t care if he’s gonna pay or whatsoever, it is still very EXPENSIVE!

Home cook food sometimes cost only 5dollar for the both of us. See the difference.
We’re gonna eat out tomorrow for dinner because it’s our 3rd month together, no choice because he wants to.
Nothing more than 70 dollar for the both of us, that’s what I told him.
I said 50 at first but he said it’s hard to do. pfft ):

But I bought two cheap stuff today.
Bought a red pretty pumps for 10 dollar and a home slipper from cotton on for 2 dollar.
Bwahahahahaha! Loving my red pumps larhhhh! (:


  1. vvens March 16, 2011

    hehehe it looks like you are having fun! don’t stop enjoying :D :D

  2. Gin March 17, 2011

    got few places damn tai wan. thers this pub i cant remember where now brain not working. on certain days its steak day! and 10 dollars only. damn big wan. look around for all these things. memang ada wan!

    go susus hse and cook. hahhaa. her kitchen damn nais <3

  3. Peggy March 17, 2011

    vvens: hehe, yes i am! just met susu the other day, wish you’re here with us!!

    gin: wahh! steak for 10 dollars!? i really need to check it out!! hahaha, susu house is quite far from the place i’m staying. i’m staying at city (:

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