3 Months In Melbourne

1) I didn’t come across any mosquito, not even one. I nearly forget the existence of mosquito but soon enough I’m going back to hell cause there’s tons and tons of it in my home.

2) No lizard!! Not one either and this could possibly be one of the best thing for me. Again, going back to hell cause there’s too tons of it at home. fml

3) I feel really really safe being here in Melbourne, I’m not afraid when I walk down the street during 4 in the morning and I absolutely love the feeling. No matter how, Malaysia can never never give me this feeling, I’ll only feel paranoid. ):

4) Good public transport if were to compare to home. From my house to KLCC by car will prolly take me 20 minutes without jam but if I were to use the public transport I have to take a bus to Taman Maluri Jusco then change to LRT to Masjid Jamek and THEN change again only to reach KLCC. And sometimes you just have to wait effing long for the bus PFFT. On normal days I only wait for trams for like 3 to 5 minutes and they even tell you how long you have to wait unlike Malaysia. PFFFFFT!

5) There’s traffic lights everywhere and there’s really nothing to worry about when we cross the roads. Back home, it might cost you your life wtf.

6) Good cafes. Very good cafes with beautiful decorations and not to forget food that taste heaven as well. And by cafes I don’t mean Asian food.

7) No stray dogs. I only get to see all the cute dogs (:

8) Some really creative advertisement and of course, you get to see pretty models wearing panties on TV commercial. I was pretty shock when I first saw it because you know if you get to see that on Malaysia’s TV, everyone in Malaysia is gonna be a billionaire wtf.

9) Sushi roll!!! Yes I love sushi roll!

10) Chai latte, not sure if there’s any in Malaysia. If yes, where?

11) But I hate the fact that their shops closes at 5 in the evening. *boring*

12) and it’s really expensive to eat out

13) and they don’t have nice shisha place here

14) and their roti canai cost $5!!! I can eat like 15 pieces in KL.

15) and not much yam cha place during the night.

16) and a movie ticket cost me $20!!

17) and 2 hours of public transport cost me $3.80!! (sorry i’m really kiamsiap wtf)

18) and everything here just seems ridiculously expensive to me ):

19) and it’s MAD COLD!!!

yah that’s about it for the time being. I’m going back real sooooooon. Less than 24 hours!!!!!!!!!1 ):

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  1. Nicko August 6, 2011

    there are tons of shisha resturants/cafes in Melbourne. Places in Lygon St a few..

    There are many places to yumcha at night too, places like Oldtown Kopitiam, Maccas, Pancake Parlour.

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