30 days more…

Exactly one more month till my 20th birthday.
I’m not really looking forward to it. : (
Gosh, I’m getting older and older.
Sometimes I still thought that I’m only 18 years old.
I wish to turn back time and be a 15 or 16 years old girl, the period where I have less problem and tiny tiny things can make me so happy.
More and more responsibilities as I grow older but then sometimes I still act like a young kid.

I am still a teenager for another 30 more days. I guess its time for me to be as rebellious as I want, to do everything base on my feelings without thinking for the last 30 days. I’ll be a young adult after my birthday and no longer can act like a kid.
Sigh, first time ever I don’t want my birthday to come.

On the other note, I’ve got a wish list for my birthday. : )
*Hint friends, hint*

1. Sewing machine

Yup, a mini sewing machine. I sew, but I use hands and it is so time consuming. I’d love to have a mini sewing machine, not big ones cause they are super hard to handle and I have one at home already. I’ve saw this mini sewing machine at Sungai Wang at it cost around Rm100 with warranty.

2. Pink Creative Zen Stone Plus

Yada yada, I know my friends have been telling me how sucks this Creative Stone is, but I want it anyway. Such cute mp3 and I’m so inlove with the colours. I like the fact that it comes with a build in speaker and it also has voice recorder. I know, why would one need a speaker in a mp3, but I need it. Can or not? Retail price is Rm249.

3. Pink Dell Laptop

My desktop will die on me soon because it has been serving me for more than 4 years and so I need a laptop to replace it. I’m gonna have my own room soon and my table will be small so I need a laptop so that it wont eat up much space. Haha.. And I need it for my college use. I wish to have Sony Vaio but its too expensive (I’m sorry Sony baby, I can’t have you right now :(, but I’ll buy you in the future, I promise. ) So, I have to buy Dell instead of Sony which is below Rm2500. Oh, and I want a pink one.

4. My Furnitures for my room
Lazy to find pictures, post it some other day.

5. Clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, ……………………………..
And the list goes on…. Will also post soon what are the never ending stuff that I want. Oh, and I mean lady stuff.

Ok, friends who wanna buy me presents for my birthday (I think I don’t have friends who wanna get me a prezzie but incase there are any..) please, you either buy the following above which is things I want, give me cash to buy myself, or don’t buy at all.
I really don’t wish to see my friends wasting money and buying things I don’t like which happen almost every year. Its better not to buy than buy things I don’t like, really.

But then it is even better to buy things I like than don’t buy at all. Hahaha..
Till then…


  1. vvens October 8, 2008

    why all pink one? haha anyways i want the sewing machine too! can you tell me where to get it exactly?
    thanks! :)

  2. Peggy October 8, 2008

    Haha, cause I love pink colour ma.. That sewing machine is really a must have la, I wanna buy it since ages ago. I saw it at Sungai Wang last time but not too sure if they still have it. You have to go find it there, I don’t remember which floor exactly..

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