3.56 AM

I think I might be having gastric or something.
There must be something that is not very right with my stomach.
I think its because I’ve been taking irregular meals lately.
Just the other day, I took my first meal at 7pm. I know, this is crazy.
And right now even while I’m drinking my Milo, my stomach feels like there’s a hole in it. -.-

Bah, never mind..
I just hope I wont fall sick in these 2 days, exam is here.
But I’m already having a slight headache and its so late now, sigh.
Alright, I gotta get back to my books and notes now.
Nights peeps.


  1. Ting April 14, 2009

    Think you are having gastritis, better see a dr fast… ANyway, good luck for ur exam.

  2. michelle April 15, 2009

    u btr take care of ur self. i have recently blogged about my trip to the hospital. it was hell. coz of fever, then it causes gastric n then kidney problem.

    gd luck for ur exam!

  3. Peggy April 15, 2009

    Ting: Eh, don’t think I’m going to a doctor but anyway.. thanks for the concern.. :)

    michelle: My stomach is feeling better although its not fully normal yet.. Haha.. You take care too ya.. Thanks.. :)

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