I’m so tired right now.
Came home after work, shower quickly and head over to mamak for Liverpool VS Manchester United’s football match.
Such a disappointing match. Man Utd lose to Liverpool, 2-0. ):

I’ve been awake since 9 in the morning, went to work and all until now which is almost 3am.
Such a long long day.
At this very moment, I’m not feeling happy.
No, I don’t mean emo or sad, just not happy. I hope you get what I mean.

It’s somewhat bothering me and I dislike it sooooo much. Cant believe I trust that shit whole heartedly. Its like a dream, it happened so fast. ):

You know what. I hate people like you.
Cakap saja pandai. When it comes to doing what you said, its fail.com.my. wtf! ..!..

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