back to college once again.
guess this will be my last semester studying in ucsi. :O
gosh, how time flies.
i’m so old already wtf :\

asked mom to fetch me to uni this morning.
and in the car i told her my results for the previous semester.
“eh mi, i got 70+ for my results last semester. hehe”
mom look at me and say, “70+ only ah?”, looked away and curi-curi smile sheepishly.
my mom. -____-”

anyway. pictures. (:

* couldn’t agree more, isn’t it? leave is bad enough, gone is even worst.

* i wish i am brave enough to walk out and have fun during rain.

* where can i find places like such in malaysia? so i can stand on top of those rocks and scream my lungs out.

continue watching my drama. ciaoz.

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