oh man. i sleept at 12 plus last night and woke up at 11 in the morning.
super healthy can, haha.
working life always manage to adjust my sleeping time, which is a good thing. (:

currently using my mom’s laptop, the one which i used a lot of months back when my bloody cpu died on me.
browse through the pictures in it which i have yet to delete.
saw lotsa pictures from last year, when my hair’s still short and all the memories came flashing back.
ahh! i miss last year man.

i remember how every night my mom came home and rush me to off the laptop when i’m chatting wit my dear friends. hah! how time flies.
hmm, this year hasn’t been too good so far.
half a year has gone, please make the remaining half a nice one.

for me, and all of you. (:

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