50 Things to Do While At a McDonald’s Drive-Thru

When you’re feeling bored, when you’re feeling down, or when you’re just being a little badass.

1. Say “Amen” after you say your order.

2. Order a large cheese pizza.

3. Terminate the order by saying, “Remember, we never had this conversation.” and then drive off.

4. Tell the order taker a rival fast food place is down the street and you’re going with the lowest bidder.

5. When you take your order say “surprise me!”

6. Answer their questions with questions.

7. Use these bonus words in the conversation: ROBUST FREE-SPIRITED COST-EFFICIENT UKRAINIAN PUCE.

8. Sing your order.

9. Spell out your order.

10. Talk about your social life.

11. Rattle off your order with a determined air. If they ask if you would like drinks with that, panic and become disoriented.

12. Tell the order taker you’re depressed. Get him/her to cheer you up.

13. Change your accent every three seconds.

14. After ordering say “and once your done throw it out and do it again cuz you won’t get it right the first time!”

15. Act like you know the order taker from somewhere. Say “Bed-Wetters’ Camp, right?”

16. Start your order with “I’d like… “. A little later, slap yourself and say “No, I don’t.”

17. Ask to rent a burger.

18. Ask if there is a warrantee on your meal.

19. Order with the radio turned up at full blast.

20. Ask if you get to keep the bag. When they say “yes” start crying with happiness and call your whole family to tell them the big news.

21. Tell them to double-check to make sure your buger is, in fact, dead.

22. Imitate the order taker’s voice.

23. Eliminate verbs from your speech.

24. When they say “What would you like?” say, “Huh? Oh, you mean now.”

25. Amuse the order taker with little-known facts about country music.

26. Ask if they have any idea what is at stake with this meal.

27. Order just one fry.

28. Doze off in the middle of the order, catch yourself, and say “Where was I? Who are you?”

29. Order two different meals and then say, “No, they’ll start fighting.”

30. Ask for the guy who took your order last time.

31. Take a picture of the person at the window.

32. Hand the person at the window a box of pizza and say, “that will be $7.95”

33. If he/she suggests anything, adamantly declare, “I shall not be swayed by your sweet words.”

34. Wonder aloud if you should trim those nose hairs.

35. Start the conversation with “My order at McDonalds, Take 1, and … action!”

36. Ask if the burger is organically grown.

37. When they repeat your order, say “Again, with a little more OOMPH this time.”

38. State your order and say, “that’s as far as this relationship is going to get”.

39. Ask if they’re familiar with the term “spanking a burger.” Make up a description to go with the term. Ask that this be done to your burger.

40. Tell them to take the first bite.

41. Teach the order taker a secret code. Take your order using that code.

42. When the order is repeated, change it slightly. When it is repeated again, change it again. On the third time, say “You just don’t get it, do you?”

43. When you’ge given the price, say “Ooooooo, that sounds complicated. I hate math.”

44. Bargain with the price.

45. When they say “Will that be all?”, snicker and say “We’ll find out, won’t we?”

46. Ask how many dolphins were killed to make that burger.

47. Wear a detective suit and pass the person at the window a breifcase and then drive off.

48. Ask if the burger has had it’s shots.

49. Don’t say a word. Just stare.

50. Speak in a different language.

Have fun! :D

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