hie everybadehh! (:
life’s pretty on track so far and i’m trying to enjoy it everyday.

brother is home for days and i’m happy.
i love my brother so much wtf. hah!

and i just checked my results few days ago.
you’ll know by now if you follow my twitter.
and i’m so so glad with my results.
i was so tension when i know results are out, i’m afraid that i might fail.
but it shocked me!! never did it cross my mind that i’ll get 2 As for my last semester.
i’m mad happy seriously and feel so touched i teared. hurhur.
best thing i could ask for just before i graduate. how nice (:

so i told my mom my results, so she can be happy about it.
then my brother said give me 30 bucks, and my mom said ‘yeah, give you 30 bucks.’
this wont happen as it is almost impossible to even korek 10 bucks from my mom.
then i realise it’s the stupid parkson voucher. rm30 voucher. fml!
mom: nah, give you 30 bucks you go buy panties.
me; wtf!! -_-‘
everytime she got the stupid voucher, i’ll use it to buy panties cause we’ve got nothing to buy.

spend the whole sunday with my family and i really enjoy it.
plus my mom cook my favourite dish which my stupid fat maid finished it the other day without me eating a bite.

and get to went out with some friends on a sunday night at changkat.
and that’s when these friends laughed at me for drinking starfruit juice while others drink alcohol.
actually they ordered a jug of sangria which in my opinion taste rather good and i can actually drink more instead of drinking my lame starfruit juice but i’ve gotta work on the next day!!
which is today, and i cant possibly be half drunk while i work. not a very good idea.
maybe we should do this another time.

and it just got worst cause they wouldn’t let me home and go for second round.
i slept for only a few hours. torturing max.
i’ve got some backdated pictures i wanted to post but it’s in my camera and i’m lazy now.

i’ll do it later. (:

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