6 Days Off

Woo, I get off day for 6 days straight.
I’m not sure if its a good one because the more off day I have, the less money I can earn. And on top of that, I get really lazy after resting for so long.

Lets see…
Thursday – went for facial, then to furniture shop, then head over to Time Square for The Day The Earth Stood Still.
Friday – went to MidValley for shopping.
Saturday – went to Poppy. :”D
Sunday – stayed at home.
Monday – went out with my mom and brother to shop for new clothes.
Tuesday – will go for karaoke session and follow up by a lot of activities I suppose.

So I went shopping with my mom today. See, I don’t know why it is always like that. Every time I went to shop with my mom, I can never get clothes. Like never. I never buy anything today, not even a single tiny stuff. Got people to pay for my stuff but nothing catches my eye, nothing I feel like bringing home. Sad case. Other times when I’m out with my friends shopping, a bunch of stuff I wanna buy. Gawd, why?

But nevermind. I’ll go get it myself and pass the receipt to my mom. Ngek ngek ngek. :”D Chinese New Year is the only time she will spend money on me, damn kesian one.. I wanna go to a shoe shop today and she said ‘who say can buy shoe?’… I’m like what the hell.. Sigh, fine. I go get it myself.
And then I wanna buy undergarments, and she said ‘what also want people buy’.. I’m like what the hell again, I what also own self buy one lo.. Chinese New Year ma, sure buy new clothes, new shoes, and new undergarments one la.. -.-
Then she said that one wear inside, no need. -_________________-
Maximum swt!

And then here she comes again, ‘See la, your cousin what also use own money to buy, birthday party also ownself pay.. bla bla bla…’
Compare la, compare. Wth, she work all year long, sure got money to buy stuff lo. I have to study all year long, what she expect? Some more she never give me a single cent, never even pay for my tuition fees. Don’t know why my mom always compare me with people and I’m always the lousy one.

For goodness sake, I don’t wanna work for people and get RM2000 every month for the rest of my life, k? I’m studying for good, she say till as if I’m killing people like that. I tell my brother about it and he say I emo.. Wth..
Sigh, my mom always like this, I very sad one la.. Damn sien.. I’ll just do like what my brother say, action speaks louder than words.
Damn geram at my mother sometimes, ish.

I’ve got to work on Wednesday and Thursday, which is Christmas eve and Christmas. : (
Lucky I work till 8 only, I still can go out and celebrate it. Hmph..
Thursday night will be going to Jones house to celebrate. :’)
Wednesday night? I don’t know. I wish to walk with you, look at the Christmas tree with you, and take pictures with you.
I know Christmas might not mean anything to you, but….. I just wish you were by my side.

I think the way I blog is very weird. Sometimes I use proper English, and sometimes I like to mix it all up. lol
I’m more serious when I’m using proper English, am I or am I not?

Random picture, a very old one. I miss my long long hair.


  1. meow December 23, 2008

    but i think you look better with short hair…long hair makes u looks so…uhm whats the word here? emm kid?

  2. Kidz88rex December 23, 2008

    Omg .. i spot another copy cat … hohoho…
    Drewteh.blogspot.com xD as in kinda copy ohh .. haha


  3. Peggy December 24, 2008

    meow: Hmm, I prefer middle length but I always go cut it. Haha.. I’m gonna grow it this time.

    Kidz88rex: -___________________________________- super speechless.. lol.. later he saw, you mampus then you know.. btw, I wanna see you.

  4. Eric_Almighty December 25, 2008

    Seriously, you do look pretty with long hair too. :)

  5. Peggy December 25, 2008

    Eric_Almighty: Thank you. : ) Sometimes I really do not know whether to cut it short or grow it long. Haha..

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