Hi Giraffe

Gosh, I feel so lazy to blog!!
But my boyf forced me to, which I don’t know.

Ben: Faster go blog.
Me: Tomorrow lah, I’m very lazy.
Ben: Blog now lah. You’re a professional blogger, later no more follower.
Me: -________-”’

Since when am I a professional blogger whatthehell!
I’m a professional housewife LOL!
I always need some oomph to blog, I cant just blog like that.

Anyway, we had lunch at this really nice cafe with a cute name called Giraffe Cafe.
And the food taste pretty good too.

* feels like home, a cosy home which is really different from FullHouse cafe kind of home. Those are boring.

* I like how they put a tree trunk inside the cafe, from floor to ceiling. I would love to have a huge ass tree trunk in my house, not the house I’m staying of course. Some dodgy looking house.

* Their coffee taste awesome with ice-cream in it. Normally I drink hot coffee here but this ice coffee taste a little like what I drink back in Malaysia. Of course, not the crappy kind of coffee.

* Chicken Risotto. Actually this is the first risotto in my life, never cross my mind to try one out before. Remember the first time I saw a plate of risotto was when Aaron ordered it and I was thinking, why does his meal looks so much like a vomit wtf. I don’t know why risotto do not look appealing to me, but boy it taste heavenly.

* A-nothing-to-rave-about-bread-pudding.

* Candid.

I find out that cafes here in Melbourne, even if you randomly picked one they wont really fail you.
Unlike the ones in KL, I really dare not randomly walk into a cafe.
Man, I’ve tried some and the food just taste so bad. Service is bad, food is bad, everything is bad.
There aren’t much good cafes in KL, or more like in Cheras.

This Giraffe Cafe, they do not really have a kitchen.
It’s just a small open kitchen right in front of the entrance door.
And there’s just two lady working that day, so they have to basically do everything from cleaning up to ordering to cooking.
It kind of makes me feel, hey maybe it’s not THAT hard.
But of course, there aren’t much choices to pick from the menu.

I wanna have a cafe of my own too, can I? *puppy eyes*

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