6am at Pasar Karat

Finally taking some time out to blog while I yawn non-stop right this moment.
And I still thought that I’ll earn some free time after Caravan’s first bazaar at Night Markets ended but I was wrong.

Last Friday we were given the chance to join Hello Deer’s Souk Ramadhan which was from 4pm to 12am. Not to mention I went to work that morning and celebrated my friend’s birthday right after. I was knackered.

And now there’s another event coming right up this Friday from 6pm to 1am at Rasta TTDI.
Work in the morning as usual and to top it off I still have to work the next day.
Yawning every 30 seconds is my main activity right now. Not complaining of course but wont life be so good if I can screw my day job and earn five thousands from Caravan every month? LOL!

I have a bad habit whereby I will be extremely lazy when it comes to jobs that I dislike and extremely obsessed when I encounter things/jobs that I love.
Which explains ‘6am at Pasar Karat’.

We were looking for junks, mainly rusted steels and we came across something interesting on the web.
Pasar Karat as known as Thieves Market.
Pasar Karat is located at the back alley of Petaling Street and from what I read it is said that vendors used to sell stolen items.
That of course, is not what interest me.

At this Pasar Karat there’s a variety of junks for you to pick home.
From jeans to an old pair of shoes, from RM30 Nokia to an old radio, from metal spoons to rice cooker, from old bank notes to 2B pencils.
You just have to walk and explore but most of the time and under normal circumstances, we really wouldn’t buy all the things we saw.
Buying them or not you can still go over, explore and have a different experience like we did.
I guess they were open from 6am to 10am, or later. I’m not too sure.

Boyfriend and I woke up before the dawn breaks and despite my tiredness I was still really eager to find out what Pasar Karat is all about.
What hypes up my mood even more is the thought of my breakfast.
The first thing we did upon reaching is to look for Hon Kee Porridge, the famous porridge stall which sells porridge that I really love.
Look for Hong Leong bank if you do not know where Hon Kee Porridge is, it is just right opposite.

Raw fish porridge, my all time favorite!

They’ve been around since 1949 and as far as I remember, they do ran out of porridge pretty early.
If you’re not a morning person, don’t worry because they now have 7 other outlets for you to enjoy their porridge.

But of course, I do think the first Hon Kee in Petaling Street will taste the best.

They even have a new menu and I shall try their new Golden Triple Egg Porridge next time which sounds to good to bypass.

They do sell Chee Cheong Fun too but I advise you to stick to their porridge menu.

Time to explore after our warm hearty breakfast.

Pasar Karat at Petaling Street’s back alley.

We bought a few things for Caravan and I totally enjoyed waking up that early, have a little chat over breakfast and walking around back alleys hand in hand. (:

And the wet market caught my attention too.

Spot the radio? One of the things we bought from Pasar Karat for only RM10 and hey it still works!

Go and have a look yourself if you’re out of activities to do.
I shall blog about Hello Deer next, my life is all about bazaars and Caravan now.

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