8 Hairstyles We Had

This is a tag made by Vvens. Since I have nothing interesting to post at this moment, I’ll do this tag.

1. The Original look [2001]
This is the original look of my hair, no straightening, no nothing.

2. The School Look [2004]
Sorry la. for these blur pictures, because i have to scan it and it is small so I have to this and that. Tolerate the blurness la har.. Haih, I look damn ugly.

3. The fringe look [2005]
And I cut my hair into fringe and I think fringe suits me more. When the fringe grows, I cut it myself to save that 5 bucks.

4. The Christmas Eve look [2005]
Its Christmas eve and his birthday as well, so I went to saloon and have my hair done.

5. The dyed hair look [2006]
School days are over and the must try is of course to dye my hair and I also straightened it for the 3rd time. I wanted to perm but my friend ask me not to. -.-

6. The bored with long hair look [2007]
I am tired of my long hair at that time and I wanted to cut t short. And because me not having the guts to cut it real short, I cut it into medium length.

7. The real short look [2007]
All of my friends ask me to just cut the whole thing off and since I just cut it not long ago, the hair stylist cut it for free. Hehe….

8. The latest look [2007]
I just cut my hair 2 or 3 weeks ago. This picture is not clear enough, he cut my fringe into a very funny look. I miss my long hair already, should I just grow back my hair?

My mom use to had some ‘interesting’ hairstyles. I’m going to post some of it for your viewing pleasure. :)

1. The spiky look
My mom and her mom. I never know she had spiky hairs until I saw this picture and I was shocked. A little shocked.

2. The glamour look
She looks pretty. My mom is prettier than me, I know that. :(

3. The curly look

4. The two ponytail look
She acts looks cute. :D

5. The fringe + black long hair
I like the way she looks in this picture.

6. The short hair look

7. The even shorter hair look
Sorry for the ahem.. boobs. My mom was at Africa, so the boobs.. I censor them a bit la..

8. The latest look

She grew back her long hair and this is how she look like at the moment.
No, she actually look better than in this picture. Its more layered compare to this.

Thats all for the hairs.


  1. k k j m July 21, 2007

    Wahhh… kawaii ne… by the way, you and your mum look alike!!! =P

  2. -shaun- July 21, 2007

    lol..ur 2001 look..
    ahaha.. quite cute geh

  3. Peggy July 22, 2007

    k k j m: A lot of people say I look like my mom.

    Shaun: Don’t laugh. I know its ugly. hmph..

  4. Amelia.wahwah July 23, 2007

    yeaaa…peggy, u look like ur mummy =)

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