A little bit about TMusic Festival

I’m toooooo lazy to sort out the pictures I took during TMusic Festival, so yeah no pictures for the moment.
Mom called and asked me if I want tickets and of course I said yes. Three free tickets, I went with the twin sisters.
I’m such a greedy girl, because I want to sit nearer. I’m pretty far behind.
I know right, free tickets and yet I still complain. Haha..

My pictures are all quite crappy cause I’m so far behind, and all I can snapped is the big screen in front of me. Wtf.
Never mind. Do go to Vvens blog for some really nice pictures that night. She’s at the VVIP area just right in front of the stage and her pictures are really awesome. :*D

There’s quite a lot of celebrity that night and my favorite is Justin, Soler, and CHIN from Thailand. I go crazy when Chin performed. He’s like super duper handsome can, I almost fainted. wtf. I think every girl likes him, toooooo good looking. T__T

My intention of this post is not to talk about TMusic Festival but I thought I should report a little and after I type and type about the concert, I’m totally blank on what I initially want to talk about. Shit. @_@

Still blanking.
I’ll come back to this when I figure it out . . .

hur hur, i still can’t recall what I wanted to say.
and i’m having headache now. ):
don’t wanna think about it anymore, just let it be.. lol..

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