A little bit of Interior Design and Architecture for today.

I may know nothing about architecture as some said it when I commented on related stuff  but the statement itself is worth a debate because it make no sense to me.
Sometimes in life, you do not have to be a professional  in the field to know what is nice and what is not.
Sometimes in life, you do not have to be a professional in the field to know what functions well and what don’t.

We’re all intellectual humans that can think, analyse, differentiate and  make decisions.
We do not need to be a chef to know that our food taste good or the other way round right? :)

Sharing with you guys some of the architecture and interior design pictures that I really like which I got from Tumblr.
Sometimes through browsing or sometimes through searching designs to share with Fatty. :)


My favourite are the last three!
Freaking cool houses can!

*Imagining Fatty designing such houses for us to stay in the future hahahah*

I cant draw or design a house. I’m not an architect.
But I guess I still can appreciate other architects’ work, right? :)


  1. sharon March 21, 2012

    haha i guess since our bfs are in the same industry, i can relate to u on that.. i myself originally already like seeing/admiring buildings.. now my interest in that field grew even more ;D

  2. Peggy March 24, 2012

    sharon: haha, influential much.

  3. JYchee April 14, 2012

    Nice post! You are right! I like the way you appreciate architect’s work. Maybe I should start to post something about nice building at my blog as well. It’s quite weird that an architecture graduate’s blog with no architecture related post…. lolx ;)

  4. Peggy April 14, 2012

    Thanks :)
    Trying to appreciate everything in life, heh.
    You should do some architecture post, it can get real inspiring at times.

  5. JYchee April 15, 2012

    Haha… Yup! I just decided to post some architecture related post from the day I saw your blog… Your blog has inspired me in somehow. If you have time just go to read my blog… :P

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