A Little Update

Hmm, I’ve been going out late at night lately.. For some birthday session, yam cha session, and movie session. Heh, and also at last I cut my hair.

The before.. My fringe is so so long, its months since I last cut my hair.

The after.. Hahaha, I know I look damn funny. I look like mushroom. I know, I know, I really look very funny here. Laugh all you can.. I look like a kid.. >.< Aih, whatever la, I show you guys food better than show you my hair. Haha.. dsc01880-copy.jpg
This Sbread right, it is at MidValley Garden and their bread is like damn special one..

Its looks so tasty, I can’t help but buy a piece. :)

Damn yummy right? Its a piece of bread with sesame inside, and it is top with milo and also condensed milk. Very very nice, although I find it a bit pricey. They even have something called the charcoal bread, its black in colour. They actually let you try first before you buy.

Oklah, thats all la.. Randomness.. -.-


  1. Ahmou February 27, 2008

    you look much better than you sound 4 days ago… hope everything has been fine for you… cheer n lighten up… Yeh !

  2. Peggy February 29, 2008

    My friends can really cheer me up and I love them to bits.. :) I’m feeling much better when I’m not alone.. :) Thanks for your concern.

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