Abandoned because of the his birth mother, the guy life together with foster-sister Kotori

Abandoned because of the his birth mother, the guy life together with foster-sister Kotori

From the inside the brand new shadow they’re able to reach its palms and capture individuals hold her or him or to drag him or her to your shade and this in some way turns out on their behalf seeming to have exploded in the event that town is actually revealed later on

Can come out of the trace and make use of a similar clothing and you can firearms because the unique although not the fresh energies of Angel individually.

They have bluish locks and brown sight which will be inside the second seasons for the Raizen Highschool, category 2-4. He was from inside the depression for some time after becoming abandoned and you may then used, hence produced him sensitive to similar attitude from someone else and seeking to create them from it, fueling their desire to rescue the newest Comfort. The guy suits his real sister Mana Takamiya later on inside regularity step 3. Tohka Yatogami (??? ?? Yatogami Toka) The first Spirit spared by Shido. Shido named their to your time of their very first appointment, this new 10th (although you to definitely kanji differs, the newest 10th day of thirty days is actually noticable given that Tohka).

Somewhat, she was about to get released from the AST into the regularity 5 up until Westcott intervened, right after which their abuse try faster so you can two months of maybe not being allowed to play with Realizers. Kotori Itsuka (?? ?? Itsuka Kotori) Shido’s foster-sister who had been a person one gained the benefit out of a spirit 5 years before the beginning of the chief tale meaning that, conserved because of the Shido at the time. There is absolutely no list out-of exactly how she gotten the lady Heart efforts, and she by herself do not think of; she cannot understand as to why each other Shido’s along with her individual thoughts try vague or forgotten at this important section, even in the event she suspects anyone have made an effort to erase those individuals thoughts. not, she isn’t able to deal with their Heart powers for long in advance of she manages to lose control that will be defeat of the a robust need certainly to wreck and you can kill.

This lady has an incredibly bashful identification, based their puppet in her left hand, Yoshinon, more often than not for interaction. She’s an incredibly docile Spirit and will not assault the fresh new AST after they assault the girl, not even summoning her Angel, reason when she does not such as for instance getting harm, they’d including not like it. However when she seems to lose [Yoshinon] she will become baffled, if in case attacked commonly summon her Angel, however, in tsdating Profielvoorbeelden order to defend herself. The lady Angel are Zadkiel, a large rabbit puppet one to she summons and you will controls along with her right-hand. It is with the capacity of respiration out freezing sky one to freezes brand new AST users employing territory. Other than this lady Angel, she’s and effective at influencing the 3 claims of h2o it is usually viewed manipulating frost, but not, you will find a tiny quantity of Soul Opportunity into the for every single drop of the rain that looks incase she manifests herself in this industry.

She transfers to the his category after the original volume

Though and therefore memories is leftover and you can which pass away towards that killed is not familiar as well as how Kurumi uses the girl clones so you can avert demise. One to options is that if most recent Kurumi passes away the newest duplicate made out of the most recent date becomes the fresh dominating Kurumi or whenever about to become ‘killed’ again the initial somehow switches urban centers which have a clone in her ‘shadow’. Even though all clones have a similar recollections as her doing once over the years they certainly were copied away from, but whether they build toward the individuals thoughts of the viewing regarding the woman ‘shadow’ where she places all this lady clones if not in use or any other approach was not found yet, however they typically follow the original. Truly the only recognized difference is the duplicate produced from as soon as to your university roof exactly who went over to possess a romantic date with Shido ahead of becoming drawn to the trace and ‘dying’.

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