All the keeps entered About occurrences Where they placed history 12 months, and another, Pe

All the keeps entered About occurrences Where they placed history 12 months, and another, Pe

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Service Battery pack, possess entered the crowd not only in new turf run, he got just last year which have Past year’s winner will once more contend regarding broadjump. Mora- les, Power Good and you will Cpt. Saul Sanchez, Head office Battery pack. He could be once more registered. From the highest dive feel might be Cpt. Electric battery An effective, which came in 3rd last year.

Brand new th acquired the newest satisfy just last year with a maximum of 59 products, to the 33rd Infantry Regi- ment second with 34 circumstances, plus the st Army Device Signal t 3rd having Are. New york tl nine.

The fresh lork 16 An excellent Boston within St. Louis Brooklyn at Pittsburgh N. Nyc during the Chicago. Slaley and you may Rice. Doctors best if Garcia are lncatlve for another a few months. Within the an interview now, Garcia revealed which he commonly go back to their homeland getting a beneficial other people upcoming get back just after a couple months for a profit bout with Plummer.

Garcia mentioned that Plummer was a really good boxer together with his finest firearm being his visited enough It. The fresh new Puerto Rlcan Is actually planned to depart for his indigenous property Tuesday. The guy mentioned that they are sure the very next time the guy fits Plummer the decision is the other method around. Garcia appreciated his similar disease which have Diego Sosa. Sosa knocked down new Puerto Rlcan 14 minutes the first time they found in order to cod a unanimous decision, however in the new return maten It absolutely was Garcia just who performed this new slamming off.

No other games booked

He decrease Sosa 7 Cleveland from the Philadelphia N. il at Arizona N. NixonParnell, Kinder, Taylor and you will Mos. Nights Games Ny t, St. Joe Barbara comes with the course into the expert standing, ready for the attempt to influence Al Saarlnen as the Older Champ. Predicated on locker-room hearsay.

Brazos Brook anticipates the newest winner will have to wager- ter the fresh score regarding both Doctor Byrd. George Engelke otherwise Merv Frenen. Pacific Slders is choice- ting into Saarlnen and you can Matt Shannon since men? It had been an excellent improve to your 8 to-year-dated “youngstera to see auch an effective turnout during the video game, and has now demonstrated fraud- clusively the Absolutely nothing League Has arrived to keep into the Isthmus, and that -its dominance increases.

The Councilmen from Curundu came out on top of the a near rating chicas dentro de canal winchester varsity activities rating Richie Hayden become to own Curundu and he Just proceeded wnere the guy leit off Into the the very last video game that have Sears. Which is, he continued his maybe not-struck efficiency for three Innings.

Bobby Most readily useful replaced him, in which he also proceeded new spell and in case the night time was more, to the second time in a-row a beneficial- galnst Curundu, brand new Inventory Kids regarding Sears did not check in a single blow. If you find yourself Greatest and you will Hayden pitch- ed an excellent baseball, much credit must be given to the fresh fielders because of their service. Most of the night the brand new Cata- journal Infants had been smacking brand new bail merely to feel the Council- kid fielders snag line pushes or dispose off the runners to your personal playa.

Regarding 3rd, shortly after Walling struck out, Frangioni had sometime, took second and you can arrived home toward a very good unmarried because of the Hayden. In the fifth Walling received truly the only walk to possess Curundu, and even- tually scored towards a passed away ball. Having Sears pitcher, Ronnie Mead, it actually was a tough that eliminate.

He threw in the towel only five moves and managed themselves on the mound particularly a major Group experienced. This evening an equivalent teams usually again see. Authoritative rates with the Sunday’s fight showed that 2. Generated bjri a king shirtmaker, they jit la perfection. Our very own Colon it 71 Main Ave.

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