Astro On Demand Awards 2012

A somewhat quick post to feed you guys before I start sitting hours and hours in front of my laptop inserting every ounce of brain juice and energy I have to blog on my Singapore (which was awesome) trip last week.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to be in such a close distance with quite a number of TVB stars at the Astro On Demand Awards 2012 two weekends ago thanks to Fatty’s cousin for the tickets.

#1 To be at the same place with Raymond (Lam Fung), Moses (Chan Ho) and Cheng Ka Weng I can only allow myself to look my best that night so I took my time to really dolled up.

Who knows maybe they think that I suit their upcoming TVB drama and wanted me to be a part of it since I’m always so full with dramas. LOL!

#2 Our seats weren’t too far behind since the ticket stated VIP but I was actually secretly wishing that my seat will be 5 rows from the stage (so that all the TVB leng zais can spot me). Greedy much haha.

#3 Oklah, this fat leng zai also not bad.

#4 You just cant depend too much on the iphone to snap close up quality pictures when my seat wasn’t 5 rows from the stage. But try taking a close look and guess who’s who.

The TVB stars looked exactly the same as on screen, exactly that gorgeous and handsome.
No joke, Tavia Yeung and Kate Tsui looks absolutely stunning I myself cant take my eyes off them.
And the male stars are to die for, hahaha.
It was such a good night, I’ve always loved meeting stars but who doesn’t.

It was quite funny and entertaining that night when everyone kept teasing tavia and him law with all the rumours surrounding them.
Other than that, there was a surprise too.
Ma Kwok Ming couldn’t make it to AOD Awards and Tavia Yeung needs to take home ‘Best Couple’ award alone without her partner but out of no where he came walking to the stage in the middle of her speech.
Aside from the surprise, all of the speeches made when they received their awards was really touching too.
It is so easy for us to just sit and watch those drama but for them to do such a job, it is not something you and I can imagine or understand.

Here’s a video of the crowds trying to take pictures, catch a glimpse and to shake the stars hand when AOD Award was over.
This is the best part because I get to shake so many of their hands!!!

I’ve been watching TVB drama since I was a kid, bringing home video tapes everyday from my mom’s video tape shop and it’s only normal that I am this happy when I get to be so close with them even for that few seconds.
Thank you for the night! :)

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