i have the sudden urge to go out for beer last saturday.
i know i know, i don’t really drink so it kinda shocked my friend when i said i feel like going for drinks.
i did drink but not much. in fact, i drank so little i feel like smacking myself.

* hoegarden and stella artois at La Bodega Pavi.

* the big glass of hoegarden which i cannot finish. damn big glass can.

* he became my second best friend.

* while waiting for Gavin to arrive.

* and this is what happened when he arrive. i took his iphone, download this app called fatbooth and mengfatkan myself.

* Gavin with his usual hamsap look and me.

* it’s been too long since i last use my pink camera cause i’ve been using another camera (not mine) before this. have to camwhore with my camera if not later berkarat.

another beeeeer drinking session on monday at mid valley’s library before my dear friend piao, fly back to the states.

* i ordered stella artois this time.

* nachosss! yummy! i don’t know if it’s the same for you guys but for me, the beer doesn’t taste as good after i eat. it just taste more bitter i don’t know why. :\

* cheong, someone whom i seldom take pictures with. and he look exceptionally good looking that night. (:

* cant finish this as well. phail.

* the couple.

* trying to look silly. :E

* my tipsy look and piao’s stone look.

i wish i weren’t that lousy sometimes.
the level of alcohol i can take in is unimaginably little.
i fall, i cry, i get back up and i’m ready to fight once more.
fight for what i want, fight for my rights.
i’m immune to all the shits that is thrown at me.
i surprise myself once again, for being a strong little girl (:

oklah. not little anymore. cheh

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