Before I die I wish to…

I’m not aiming for a house that is shown in the picture, I don’t wish to stay in a super grand house.
Only the boyf knows how I want my dream house to be and he did briefly drew it for me. (:
Downside for being an architecture, he needs to give me my dream house. /evillaughs

One day, when I have the ability I will explore Egpyt. One fine day.

I don’t hate camping, I just hate camping in the forest. And I have not camp once in my entire life, don’t be shock. I really want to go on a camping trip, anywhere but forest.

I would love to go again before it sinks.

And ride the gondola with my soul mate (:

Sometimes I dislike China but this is a must go.

One more time please. I was too young to enjoy the beauty.

Not the one in Hong Kong. Somewhere further away.

And this too. The best pizza I ate in my life is the pizza I ate in Italy. I want to do this again, enjoying every bite with the boyf because we both love eating as much.

Tried crepe in Melbourne and love it. I can imagine the crepes in France.


  1. sharon October 31, 2011

    eh? ur bf is doing architecture?

    so coincidental..mine is an architect too :)

  2. Peggy November 3, 2011

    sharon: Yea, he’s doing architecture, such coincidence heh.

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