bicycle and bike

hellooooooooo !
no updates for the past couple of days.
i’ve been napping a lot .which is resulted from all those morning classes.

plus i’ve nothing much to blog about .and lazy of course. bwaha
just a few pictures .

* ivan wearing helmet .riding bicycle. i don’t get it haha.

* i pedal pedal pedal .then the pedal came out. -_-‘

* keith’s new bike. racing bike .i jumped up just to snap a picture. i takut. :X

we really lepak a lot at weng kee’s house. :]

* taken at jone’s sister ,candy’s birthday. (:

* i told vamp .follow whatever i do. LOL!

* buat bodoh saja.

i still cant really sleep early at night. but at least i get to force myself to wake up for classes.
applause please wtf.
i’m also trying to do revision. read whatever the lecturer teach every now and then.
lesson learned. don’t wanna fail again wtf. once is more than enough.
not only that. i actually feel like scoring my media law. tsk tsk .

chinese new year coming.
i feel the need to shop. bwaha.


  1. simonso January 20, 2010


  2. Peggy January 22, 2010

    simonso: bikeeeeeeeeee! haha

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