Big Market – Vintage Christmas Market.

I was given the opportunity to organize a bazaar at my workplace 2 weeks ago as you all have known.
Half given actually because I randomly suggested that we should organize a bazaar.
I was sort of the full time organizer but of course with the help of my designer colleagues who gave full support.
Came up with the name Big Market, set the date and we’re good to get it started.
I handpicked most of the vendors, emailed and tried to keep them updated.
Did a floor plan with one of my designer colleague and also try my hardest to promote the bazaar to as many people as possible.

Some pictures from that day.

* I look so tiny beside my fatty :D

* I did not only organize the bazaar, I have a booth on that day too. I like my old wooden table!

* FHL again for accompanying me through the entire event. Haha

* This is the homemade scones I was selling on that day, made by fatty’s mom. Incredibly delicious and smells extremely good when I heat up the scones. We have about 60 scones and we sold off almost everything. (:

* My scones packaging (:

* Handmade by Ben and me, also with the help of bff for helping me paint the wood when I’m mad busy.

* Ampersand.

More pictures of the vendors at Big Market that day.

* Mossery by one of my designer colleagues. She designed and produced all of the notebooks! Very affordable too.

* LOZL selling handmade accessories.

* Momage selling handmade frames.

* Some lovely stamps.

* And books from Whenever Shop. Why the name is because the seller feels that we shall not restrict ourselves to buy gifts for our dear ones only on special occasion. We shall do it whenever we feel like it!

* The Great Indoors, they source for local vintage furniture, salvage them and it’s up for rent/sell.

* Petit Paper selling high quality stationery source around the world.

* BisouRose selling handmade body care with really nice packaging.

* Miracle Watts selling all sorts of beautiful stuff, from notebook to vintage typewriter.

I am now considering organizing another bazaar next year if all else permit.

* Ending my post with a moustache picture of myself. Moustache handmade by me (:


  1. kidz88rex December 22, 2011

    is the muk zui at bisourose for sale ?? .. xD !!

  2. Peggy December 28, 2011

    dex: hahaha damn bad right you call people muk zui!

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