I feel so boring..
Sitting in front of this square square monitor, have nothing better to do.
Walk up and down, open the fridge over and over again.
Sleep on the bed, roll over and roll over and roll over.
Get up, and sit in front of the square square monitor again.
I don’t feel like staying at home.
I wanna go out and have fun. I wanna go out.
Have class tomorrow at 8 o’clock, that is so early.
Can anyone save me from boredom??


  1. firewire January 8, 2007

    if i know where you stay, maybe i can…haha

    anyway, staying at home can be fun too. can read books, read magazine, read newspapre, watch tv, drawing, arrange your room and anything you can think of ;)

  2. earl-ku January 8, 2007

    1988 … that would make you


    stay home la … you are not of legal drinking age …
    stay home la …


  3. Moneybin January 8, 2007

    NO…. I dun tin stay at home tat good…
    U hav stay at tat home for so many year and if u cant find anything to do, u sure die in boredom!!!!
    Go outside, u can do many many thing…
    Find some if ur fren go out yc ah or chit-chat ah or anything…

  4. Apple January 8, 2007

    18+ not yet legal meh??? I’m oso 1988 one, i go club and the police nvr catch me oso though the saw my ic

  5. KuKuJiaoMan January 8, 2007


    Lai lai…go cyber cafe….release tension….

    or yam cha n chit chat till morning….


  6. ad January 8, 2007

    it’s amazing how you always find it boring or are bored of something. perhaps a new hobby? i assume internet is your thing, so i guess learning how to develop more sophisticated and dynamic web pages could help u kill some time and at the same time, learn something new? Good luck

    – ad

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