Buurrp-day WishList

Birthday is next week. :X
I’m really getting old now. No longer a little girl though I feel like one. :\
But I’m quite excited about it at the same time cause I’m holding a party. :D
First time having a party, I hope it’s gonna be all good. (:

Mwahaha, and as always there is a wish list for my birthday. Kawan-kawan sekalian!!! :D

Something that no one can afford but still I can have it in my wish list right…
Saya mau Perodua Viva!! Yalah, not like I have a license also but I don’t care larh. If you give me a car then I’ll go get a freaking license. lol..

Viva small small and save petrol, very nice to use one. LOL!

The second thing that no friends can afford or willing to buy it for me is pink Sony Vaio Cs. Omg, I want it soooooo badly. I either get myself this laptop or I’m not gonna get laptop at all. The only thing that I want most. T__T

I know larh, I always put this Sony but I don’t care horr cause I like. :P

Okay, no one can afford this too because its around 3k if I’m not wrong. Olympus Pen, saya mau!!!!! I don’t want G10, I want Olympus Pen. Omg, damn nice can. But then I think its wiser to get a DSLR. DSLR I also mau, as long as it is camera then I mau wtf.

Me super like.

Oklarh, now to something slightly more affordable. Ngehehe. I want lomo camera!!! I want Diana F+. There’s one that comes with flash and the colour gel which cost around Rm400+. Then there’s this larger set that comes with a few different lens and a whole lot more stuff in it which cost around 1K. Omfg, I want that large set. T__T
If not Diana F+, then I want Holga which cost Rm200+. I’ve been eyeing on lomo cam for so damn long already, huhur.

OMG!! How not to love this, you tell me. It’s in hot pink somemore, shiat. I fall in love with this man but too bad it’s only available in the small set.

This is the deluxe kit but only available in this colour. Hot pink tak ada, pfft.

Or get me this Holga, or the white holga. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! T__T

I also want Western Digital Pink external harddisk!! I’ve got too much stuff lah really, there’s not enough space for me to put my photos and videos and whatnot. I need an external harddisk. PINK one!! :D

I realise there’s a few stuff which I wish to have for my birthday this year is same as last year. Cause no one buy it for me, wth. I am still wanting that Miss Dior Cherie perfume. It really smells so good. (:

Eh, I want a mini sewing machine also larh. I’m lazy to go figure out how to use that big and complicated machine in my brother’s room. See, I want this last year too. :\

It’s around 100bucks only. mwahaha :P


Oh yah, one more thing. Haha! I forget that I finish using my skincare. T__T
I don’t mind anyone getting me a new set, very much needed lol. :X

Biotherm Aquasource please, the green one or Laneige Water. :D

I know larh, all so expensive right? Never mind, you can share with the other friends. HAHA! :P
Or not if you don’t have friends to share with then you can come to the website below and pick anything for me. MWAHAHAH!
Here, here, here, or black leather jacket, or channel inspire bag, or bag with studs.

Or whatever makeup stuff. Girl punya stuff lar, then I’ll be happy. :D
Like Maybelline’s gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner (cause I lost mine, boo), majorlica mascara………………… and more. LOL

Sekian terima kasih. :D

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