Certified death

I’m currently mourning over the death of my computer, it passed away at 12pm on 10th of August 2009. certified!!
It served me since I’m Form4, still playing Friendster back then. *tears*
I’m grief-stricken, wtf. May it rest in peace. *annoyed*

Luckily there’s still a laptop for me to use or else I’ll go crazy.
Life without internet and computer is not even a life at all, wtf. See what these two great inventions do to me.

My friend is gonna solve my problem for me, perhaps by getting me a secondhand computer which is FOC!
I know right, I’ve got such good friend. All my friends are good, me love them. :’D
All I want now is to get my pictures and data back, I hope he can transfer them successfully.

I guess my post from now on will only be words until I get my datasss back, that is.
Test is on Thursday and I have yet to study, I shall really start flipping the pages of my textbook soon.

Sigh. Like the death of my computer is not enough, my aircond keeps dripping like a water tap, wtf.
Actually the aircond starts dripping way back but it stopped somehow.
My aircond always drips when I cry, wtf. But these few days I didn’t cry larh and yet it drips like crazy.
Now it is even more emo than I am, wtf.
It has been quite a number of days I didn’t sleep with the aircond on and I’m not sure if that’s the cause of me cant falling asleep.
Fyi, my bed is right under the aircond and when it drips my bed will be wet. -_____-

Lucky I’ve got a *aherm* smart boyfriend who asked me to shift my bed a little and put a pail down there.
I’m so dumb, why didn’t I thought of that? I only thought of shifting my whole bed to another place which I didn’t want to and hence I didn’t move it at all.

Okay, I don’t wanna continue rambling anymore. (so many wtfs, wtf) -_____-
.missing my silly boy. ♥ (:


  1. simonso August 11, 2009

    my condolences.. haahah :P

  2. Peggy August 12, 2009

    simon: and you’re laughing.. do you wanna sponsor me? lol :p

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