Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Am I a little too late?? Ah, never mind.. Am still in the Christmas mood..
And Happy Birthday my dear hubby.. His birthday falls on 24th of December and
every time I’ll ask the same question, ‘Why don’t your mother hold on for 1 more day? Then your birthday will be same as Jesus. Hehe..’
I know this sound stupid, but how nice it is if birthday is on Christmas day.

I bake him a chocolate cake, but it taste more like a banana cake because I used the wrong milk. I used HL banana milk. Wth.. Don’t have the picture yet, will post when I have it.
Went to Starhill to have lunch, the food is nice, but is too pricey for me.
And at night went to Cyberjaya, or is it Putrajaya? I’m not very sure..
It is very far from KL, make sure you have enough petrol to go there.

I love this picture a lot..





The naughty one..

The ‘Penang’ bridge

This is the same Penang bridge, but with don’t know what effect..

The place over there is kind of scary sometimes. There are very few people and a bit dark.
Went to my friend’s condominium near that place and that place is so freaking dark.
Six of us, none is consider fat, and the lift says overweight. Only 4 can fit in, and this is so scary Ok. Where got lift can fit in only 4 people wan, you say la.. My friend say inside the lift have two more ‘people’. Wth, I’m so damn freaking scare. And the toilet near the playground, the lights keep on ‘on and off’. When we are driving back home, I keep on have a feeling that there is ‘someone’ in our car. Shit, damn scary. Okay, stop ‘ghosting’..

We went to Rendezvous Steak Garden with Alicia and Joe Yin on Christmas night.
Rendezvous is located at Kampung Pandan. The food taste nice, not too pricey, and the atmosphere is quite nice also. The only thing is that it is beside highway, I don’t quite like it, but overall.. *thumbs up*

Joe Yin & Alicia.. (Alicia, you wanna become King Kong ah?)

Shaun & I

Mango juice (L) RM6, Jasmine Tea – RM5, Lychee Juice – RM3, Watermelon Juice – RM3.

Sizzling Chicken Combo with Prawns – RM 17.80

Grill Marmalade Fish – RM 10.80

Grill N.Z Lamb Loin – 16.80

Chicken Cheese – 11.80

Cheese Fondue Chicken – RM 15.80

The cute hut..

Must try. The food is really quite nice with a reasonable price.
And ya, most of the people know I damn hate lizard, I am very very scared when there is a lizard around me, ok. And this stupid lizard is outside the window looking at me. I scream like mad.

Curse you lizard!!


  1. vvens December 28, 2006

    eww lizards!!! it looks so fat anyway. ewww.

    and how did you got all the prices? did you actaully memorize them? hahaha. the food there are really nice. :)

  2. Peggy December 29, 2006

    Haha.. Nope.. I write down on a piece of paper.. Lol..
    I have thought of making a mini scrap book just to remember the name and prices.. Haha..

  3. lil' HoPPeR January 5, 2007

    aikz.. my silly face!! but nvm.. still nice.. anyway, a good n lovely night with u guyz.. thankz 4 recommending the place to us.. a nice place.. with a “lovely” lizard.. lizard girl.. always attract all sorts of lizard to ur life.. haha! =P

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