What is Colorstrology you ask. Colorstrology is a self-help system that teaches you how to enhance your traits. Every one of us have our own birth color and that birth color is designed to honor you. Go to, find for your birth date and see what color is belongs to you.

My birth date is on 5th of November and my color is Jester Red.

Your gift with words and nuances can be quite dazzling. You need to be connected with the natures and outdoors. Although your mind is active and alert, being close to nature moves you toward wisdom and away from the trappings of over thinking. Miracles happens when you connect with trust and quiet. Your personal color helps you pierce through confusion and restlessness. Wearing, medditating or surrounding yourself with Jester Red inspires patience and knowing.

Entertaining, quick, and intelligent.

So ya, this is how they describe me and my color. It is true in some way like I really think too much and it can drive me to crazy. I’ll just have to trust whatever I should and things will come out fine I guess. Go and give it a try here.

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