Decanter on Friday night, for Sean’s birthday. I’ve got 2 friends named Sean, so yah.. this is another Sean.
What do you do at Decanter? Drink!!! Right after I went in, I’m forced to drink half glass of draft beer. Big glass, and I hate beer.

* Me and Ee, both looking really funny. I look like a kid here, hah! ^^

* A more decent one.

* John looking sober when actually he is not. Oh, he just told me he don’t remember taking any picture that night, lol.

* Me and Ian, who is kinda tipsy too.

* They force me to drink!! My super red face and Aaron the Bruce.

* Sigh, I’m holding tissue again.

* Haha, me like this picture.

* JuKoon and his ‘heng dai’, hahahahaha. (Ee is so gonna kill me for this, runnnnnnnnnnn!!)

* Me and Panda Koon.

* Jimmy!!!!

* Birthday boy Sean, Koon, and Ee.

* I cant possibly drink to save my ass life. Feeling headache and so I need to sit, all because of a glass of draft beer. Urgh!

The Decanter I went on Friday night is located at Sri Hartamas, it is actually called Decanter Too.
There’s another Decanter at Damansara Heights and I went there to have my lunch plus dinner just a week ago. Or two weeks ago? Couldn’t remember but anyway, the food pictures are after the jump.

* Decanter at Damansara Heights.

* Soup of the day, some asparagus soup.

* Carbonara Spaghetti.

* Banana Peach Crumble.

* Hot Banana Pancake.

* Steak pie with a ‘S’ on top, haha.

* Citrus cheesecake.

* Raisin Scone comes with butter, cream, raspberry jam, and kaya.

I personally think that the food are quite delicious and the price are still affordable. Not really cheap, but not too expensive either.
I’m not one who like eating banana. Well, actually I don’t eat banana but I did try on their banana desserts and they taste quite nice.
The only thing I don’t like is the cheesecake. The Citrus cheesecake is too sour and the citrus totally cover the cheese.
I prefer normal cheesecake but they have none. Overall, its worth eating there and the place is nice and cozy.

I’m not too sure but people told me that Damansara Heights Decanter is for food and Sri Hartamas Decanter is for beer and liquor. But then they have foods too at Sri Hartamas Decanter.
Maybe you shall try it out someday if you haven’t already. (:


  1. firewire June 8, 2009

    i think i prefer the non-drinking Decanter LOL

    the food looks so appetizing, will check it out in the future :)

  2. vvens June 8, 2009

    the food makes me hungry…………………….. i want the carbonara! haha

  3. Peggy June 9, 2009

    firewire: Haha, try it someday. Its pretty good and a nice place to relax. :)

    vvens: Go eat, hahaha..

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