Don’t Stop Believing


I went to watch Bedtime Stories with Dexter and my Levis’ darling at Cineleisure. My first time watching movie there because its so far away from my house. Got home really late, the movie finishes around 3am.

* Lining up to buy tickets, he took my scarf. -.-

Oh, bout the movie, its really really funny especially the super large eyes guinea pig, Bugsy. Super cute and funny, reminds me of the Boltz hamster. Haha.. It is not a very great movie but I like it a lot because I really have fun watching it. :’D

I don’t know but from this movie, it says real life do have happy ending. Don’t stop believing, hold on to the feeling. Only you yourself know best what you have done. I believe that bad people will have bad karma in the end of the day, I will never stop believing that. :’)
Go watch it people, it will really make you laugh. Hee..

We went to a cafe outside the Curve to have my meal because I was so hungry last night but I don’t really like the food there. : (
Their drinks are nice, but not the food. My stomach don’t feel really well after eating their Fettuccine Carbonara, sob.

* While waiting for my food to come.

I always do funny funny stuff sometimes. -.-
Dexter’s spaghetti comes first then follow by mine. I don’t know what stuff I’m doing at that moment but I didn’t eat my food straight away. When I want to eat that time, I ‘Ei…….’ so loud, cause I thought the waiter did not provide me with spoon and fork, whereas it is just right beside me. I’m really dumb at times, lol.

A lot of my pictures are quite blur because its dark there and I don’t wanna use flash. My camera’s flash is kinda harsh, don’t like.

* This is very very blur.

After finish my meal, we just sit outside Cineleisure to wait for our movie to start. Dexter keeps watching the BHP thingy on that big screen, me and my Levis’ darling keeps playing with the camera. :’D

* The light from the big screen keeps changing, I look so red.

* My Levis’ darling. <3 dsc08789-copy
* love <3 dsc08803-copy
* The fella in front of me keeps watching the BHP. -.-

* Another blur picture again…

* Before going into cinema :’)

I pass by this McDonald IceCream stall and theres no one inside, prolly because its already so late. I decide to climb in and fool around, haha.. :’D

* Me serving my customer. :’D I like this picture a lot, damn cute can..

* Camwhore inside the toilet, hehehe.. :’D

* Peace.

I really have a lot of fun and I feel really really happy. :’)
A big thank you to both of you for being there for me whenever I needed someone. I really love both of you so much.. :’)


  1. Fate January 6, 2009

    Is it that nite u gt g to winter warmers for a drink?

  2. Peggy January 6, 2009

    Fate: Yeah.. You saw me?

  3. Fate January 8, 2009

    yeah…….but nt sure whether that was u o not…….. you looks more prettier than the pic altho the pic is very pretty too….

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