Finding The Way.

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and I decide to bring her to B.B.Q Plaza at One Utama.
But every time Shaun and I went there, we follow our friend’s car.
And so me and him try to go alone today and we made it.
But we don’t know how to come back to Cheras and we use a damn long way and the toll cost me about Rm4. People, how can I come back using the fastest way?

Anyway, we walk walk and then we try Paddington house of pancakes because he is craving for it, and I really want to try it out after I saw Vivien post about the pancake.
So here it is,


Nachos with mozarella cheese, I thought there were pancake in it.
Anyway, it is quite nice, love the cheese.

Vain me with yummy nachos.

And here is the pancake. I forgot the name, don’t know what dollar pancake.
I love these pancakes, really taste good. Must try the others out next time.

Next……. Pets Wonderland.
Cant resist those cute animals.

I love this rabbit so so much. She has this super adorable look.
This is the cutest rabbit I saw so far in my life.

Aww, cute little pug.

Aww, terrier, so cute. I miss my terrier. Someone jump inside my house and steal it in the middle of the night. Crazy!! Curse that fella..

This poodle not cute, seriously.


Some reptiles..



OK, so here ends my day.

Oh, almost forget…….
Shaun want me to post this car.. :)

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