First Convocation

first convocation!! not my convocation of course.
mine’s gonna be next year. mid of next year, exactly one more year.

first time attending a convocation and i wanna take this opportunity right here to shout to my zi mui, ‘CONGRADUATION!!’
may you have a bright future ahead of you. (:

* waiting patiently for our convo next year.

* yee wah’s graduation! (:

* coincidently all the girls are in black.

* my bare face with pink roses.

* received lots of flowers.

* kee pok, shorty, and ee.

* i’m getting fatter and fatter, shiat.

a part of me, couldn’t wait for my very own convocation cause the last time i wore that ‘square hat’, i was 6.
i couldn’t even remember.
but another part of me, is afraid of convocation because when my convocation arrives that also means that i have to work till my life end. T_T

me dislike working.
but anyhow, this is my last semester already.
i’ve to work no matter what. *pulls hair*

i want to be a workaholic. being a workaholic means i love my work and when i love my work i wont feel like it’s the end of the world when i go to work. :O

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