man! i want to cry already.
i cannot start up my cpu!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn paranoid can.
my friend said its either power supply or motherboard that has gone cuckoo.
if its power supply, then i’m relieve.
if its not!!! i need to get a new computer he said.
wtf!!!!!!! T____________T
i don’t want a new computer or rather, i’ve got no money to get a new computer.
all my stuff that is inside my computer, omfg. i cannot manage to loss it.
so please mamamia, bless my motherboard. wtf.

i hate this seriously.
whenever i’m broke, i’ll definitely lost my stuff like my damn IC or my stuff will get spoil.
i plan to blog bout Zouk today but now what……my pictures are all in that damn computer. ):
fml, damn it!!!
fml fml fml fml fml fml fml…………………. T_________T

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