#foreveralone week starts now

Fatty left me alone and flew to Osaka this morning!
That fat bitch!!

I’m gonna be #foreveralone for a week!
And I felt so heavy-hearted at first, it definitely feels like someone snatched half of my soul away.
Yes, I’m a little baby that needs to be sayang all the time. Cannot meh?

He said he tried to spend more time with me before he flew to Osaka but that sounds like a gimmick.
Every weekend he also spend time with me one lah! Chey!

Nolah, actually he quite good also.
After shopping at MidValley on Sunday he was supposed to go home but he came over to my place and took a nap with me instead.
That was one of the best nap after so long.

I like to sleep with boyfriend one!
Cause I’ll feel very secure and loved and happy, haha.
Actually if I’m angry at him, he just say ‘I sleep with you tonight okay’ I think I wont be angry anymore.
Fml, I very easy to con one.

I don’t know what happened last night around 5.
I was sleeping and smsing at the same time.
I was blur but not as blur as Fatty.
He said it was time for me to wake up and I was so confused. My time was showing 7am and I normally wake up at 8am, who knows the conscious Fatty is even more blur than the unconscious me.
Really gave me heart attack  wtf.

Everything is good so far except for this morning because I wasn’t so use to it yet and I wasn’t feeling too well, I got a little emotional inside.
Plus there’s no Fatty to eat lunch with me, pfft!
He has been eating lunch with me everyday since my second week at work which is also one of the reason why I miss him so much.
It is very nice of him to come have lunch with me everyday since his workplace is nowhere near mine.
Now I really feel a little guilty for throwing tantrum at him but sometimes he very sohai also one lah.

Somehow I guess it’s a good thing to separate for a little while so that we know how important we are to each other.
I know lah, just a one week trip I make it sound like a ten years long distance, hahaha.
Just ranting okay!

Fatty gave me a task to occupy myself which is to get our itinerary done for our coming trip.
I know he’s just lazy but it’s okay.

I’m off for a little research now, heh. :D

Oh and also to keep me from being #foreveralone I created a formspring account. Ask me questions!! Heh.

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