Free from OT

Phew, finally I’m done with my OT. Well, actually it is not that bad after all, just that the long hours is really boring and I cant get enough of sleep.
But luckily I’ve got a fun colleague to work with, he helps to kill my boredom.

* Just get the tag 3 days ago. Why so serious till we have to wear tag? -.-

* Its raining everyday. Afternoon, evening, and night, it just keeps on raining. When it starts raining at the end of the year, it means ‘Tong Yuen’ day is near. :’D

* My colleague’s leg and my feet. Haha.. Since its raining, we went out and take a short break.

* Saw someone walking pass by us holding an ice-cream on the second day, couldn’t help so both of us go get one each. Haha.. Its Magnum’s Top Ten.

* Since yesterday I ate Magnum, so today I choose Cornetto Strawberry flavour. Eh, I didn’t like it very much though.

My colleague is really funny. This guy here got short term memory loss. When we choose which ice-cream to eat today, he said he want Magnum’s Top Ten.
Then I said, ‘Har?? Yesterday eat already wor, today you want this again?’.
And he answered me, ‘Har?? Yameh? Yesterday we eat this one meh?’
Omg, I laugh like mad. And he can even forget what colour uniform I wear yesterday. A real short term memory loss, but he keeps denying it. Hahaha..

Ah, just get a call from supervisor, have to work at Taman Maluri for the next few days. Sigh, when will I get my off day? Lucky I’m working late shift, I wanna sleep more. I don’t mind working till 1am but I mind waking up at 8am. Late shift is cool. :’D

My brain will auto shut down anytime soon. I have to go to bed now.
Yes, I can sleep as much as I want now. :’D Whee..


  1. meow December 15, 2008

    “Since yesterday I ate Magnum, so today I choose Cornetto Strawberry flavour. Eh, I didn’t like it very much though.”

    means not everything pink is nice XD

  2. Eric_Almighty December 15, 2008

    Keep up the good works. :)

  3. kkjm December 15, 2008

    Hi peggy… do you think is there any vacancy anymore for part time at ur place there? thanks…

  4. Peggy December 16, 2008

    meow: Er.. Haha.. just like pink antibiotic sucks max. lol

    Eric_Almighty: Thank you :’D

    kkjm: Get you through msn.

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