Goodbye 2007

Still studying foundation, still hanging out with school friends. We play badminton, we jog, we have fun. At the same month, a shocking news reach my ears. Xu Wei Lun, a Taiwan actress pass away from car accident.

Valentine’s Day we celebrate it at Genting, Torcello Restaurant for buffet dinner. It is a lovely night, with love songs filling the air and roses. Wonderful.
The same bunch of us went to Malacca to have a trip. We swim, we play mahjong, we bbq, we drink liquor, we just have so much fun. And in that trip, I play the most shocking thing ever in my life, that stupid bungy thingy. =.=

The first time he tells me that he want to be a pilot. At that moment, I hate it so much.

My new maid arrive and no more house work for me. :)
The rabbit he bought me pass away.
His mom is diagnose with tumor in the brain.

At last I cut my hair short after so many years. I also went roller blading for the first time at Sungai Wang. Finish studying foundation and move to degree in Mass Communication.

My PTPTN loan is approved. I fall in love with that Levis watch. I have a fight with my retarded neighbor and I make the first police report ever.

I got a new domain, dot com. I catch a rat for the first time, wanted to kill it but cant bring myself to do so.

Work at Comiworld at Cineleisure with him. First time working with him and I like it so much. On the 11th marks the 3rd year we have been together and I’m happy. I remember asking him to choose between me or pilot and he choose pilot and asked me to wait for him. We quarrel at first and lastly I give him. I support him. I’ve also done a so call commercial for my advertising class, and its hard. And also this is the month of my grandpa’s and my dad’s birthday.

Went to Sri Garden’s reunion after so many years and met a lot of primary friends. I work for Maxis together with him and it was nice experience. Although its only 9 days but its one of the best time I have with him.

We spend most of the time together, we have fun together. I’ve also got my PTPTN loan.
We went to Sunway and have fun, although I’m a little unwell. I take the first bite of the donut, J.Co donut. Went to Pavilion for the first time and eat at T.G.I Fridays for the first time. Also went clubbing for the first time.

My birthday and his farewell is celebrate together. He bought me the Levis watch I wanted. I bought the camera I wanted so much and also my handphone. All in pink. :)
This is the month he left me and I cry so much. This is the worst month for me. Sucks so bad, only me and him will know.

I learn to be tougher. I learn to be independent.
I did manicure for the first time. :)
I went to Leo Ku’s concert at Stadium Merdeka.
Its sad when I cant celebrate Christmas and his birthday with him together. We’ve been celebrating together for 3 years already but not this year.

This marks the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008. I guess for the whole 2008, you will not be by my side but I will learn to go through this. I’m afraid of 2008. I’m afraid of being alone for the whole year. All i want now is wait for four months and I can see you by then. :)
I hope you can have a nice 2008.

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