Good Morning

Good Morning people. The clock is ticking and its gonna be 11am soon.
Did I mention that I changed my job?
Well, I changed my job due to salary unsatisfactory. Stupid boss lower our salary. 666
Now I’m working for another company and today is my 3rd day.
So far so good. Salary is quite high and this is definitely not a tiring job.
Its not tiring but I feel sleepy all the time. Too boring maybe or is it because I don’t get enough sleep?
I don’t know.

Eh, things are very funny sometimes. I always have weird feelings for weird things.
Er, I don’t know what but I’m having strange feelings here. And I always think so much.
Sometimes its not the past that I’m thinking. My brain just wanders here and there, everywhere, I don’t even know where.. -.- See, I don’t know what I’m trying to say already..

I’m actually looking forward to something. No, wait. Am I looking forward to something? I am not very sure, but there is something/someone I definitely feel like knowing more.
Alright, I think I shall stop here. I don’t wanna crap so much. I don’t know what I am saying anymore.
I get back to my work. Have a good day people. : )

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  1. swt November 13, 2008

    how much is your salary now?

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