Hair is Short

*Sheepish smile* hehehehehe…

Finally I get to cut my hair and colour it. =”D
Actually I wanna grow my hair long but then most of my friends say I look better in short hair. What say you? Its short short now but I’m loving it. : )

Hows the colour? Nice or not?

See, so sad one. I have to take my brother’s watch to wear. :”(

Say hi to Mr.Bean the brown bear who come all the way from England and has been living in the Chow’s family for like more than 10 years if I’m not wrong. Why name him Mr.Bean? Because my brother thinks that he looks like Mr.Bean’s teddy bear. Haha.. And btw, this is his bear. Lol.

So hows my hair?


  1. kkjm September 9, 2008

    Hey!! Nice hair!! May I know what color is that!!! Kekekeke..

  2. Peggy September 11, 2008

    Thanks. :”)
    I don’t really know what colour is that but if I’m not wrong, the code is 7YG from Snips.

  3. kkjm September 12, 2008

    nice… !!!

  4. chuilynn September 12, 2008

    looks nice in ur new hairdo =)

  5. Peggy September 13, 2008

    Thank you. Hehe..

  6. Slowie September 14, 2008

    Nice! I love the colour too. is it reddish brown?

  7. Peggy September 16, 2008

    Slowie: Thanks.. : ) but I’m not sure about the colour eh.. I just point at the colour I want. Haha..

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