This is absolutely hilarious.
I hope I can see someone wearing these on streets.
Boys will love their hands to be HandBra.

If you wish to buy them, you can get it here .
Pictures taken from Funniest Gadget.


  1. vvens April 9, 2007

    this is funny! HAHAHAHAHA.

  2. LanPaKia April 9, 2007

    LOL i was in a female friend room while reading this and i ask her would she wear this kind of thing and she scolded me with foul language…..muahahaha

  3. -shaun- April 9, 2007

    where can i get it?
    lol..i want to get it for my girl friend…lol..

  4. Peggy April 10, 2007

    vvens: HAHA, yah.. absolutely funny.. Haha.. You wanna try? Haha..

    Lanpakia: Haha, cute ma, so should call her to try..

    Shaun: You crazy!!

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