Happy 2007

Happy New Year everyone.. Happy 2007
A brand new year, a brand new life.. I do hope so.

What I should do in 2007.

*Study hard and no failing in any of the subject – because retaking a subject is damn expensive.
*Learn how to earn money – my mom doesn’t give me money at all..
*Make more friends – because i need more friends
*Tidy up my stuff – my entire house is full off my stuff and my rubbish
*Control my temper – I get angry damn fast..
*Learn to really draw
*Craft more and more and more..
*Get a new hp and digital camera – I really need a digital camera!
*and lastly, more people to read my blog.. Hehe.. :D


  1. firewire January 1, 2007

    * besides wasting $$$, you are wasting time if you failed
    * you can always work part time during the weekends as sales promoter
    * may i be your friend then? hehe
    * luckily only my room is full or my stuff + garbage
    * i get angry damn fast when driving
    * you can take up a course and practise everyday
    * i like your calendar, it’s nice
    * kids nowadays are so demanding..kekeke
    * you got a new reader here :D

  2. Peggy January 1, 2007

    Taking art course need $$.. Haha..
    Thanks for reading my blog..
    Cheers.. haha..
    You made my day.. I’m so happy.. :D

  3. firewire January 3, 2007

    ya, everything needs $$$ nowadays, so working part time maybe can solve your financial needs
    i should be thanking you because i have an interesting blog to read
    i’m glad that i made your day :D

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