Happy Rabbit Year

Happy cute chinese new year everybaddi!!
Wishing everyone a cute and prosperous new year all the way from hometown.
If you notice, there’s a pair of rabbit ear on my head bwahah.

What a chinese new year, i’m still not quite ready for it.
Not excited, no nothing.
Prolly because it’s a tad bit different this year, I’m back at hometown this early.
Which also means I’ll be back at KL early too. Friday night (:

Had reunion dinner this afternoon with the usual family members : mom, younger and elder brother, two aunts and a stoopid cousin. Yes, I dislike him nuff said.
Oh wait, and one extra person today. He must be real nervous bwaha.
And my elder brother’s gonna hate him for calling my brother uncle wtf. HAHAH!!

I’m bored. Always bored when I’m back at hometown but also as always, I’ve got my little mischievous cousins to entertain me (:
I wish all of you a very ang ang chinese new year.
Gamble and win more :D

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